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I'm danish by birth and have lived here all my life. I'm from a small town but 5 years ago I moved to the capital because of education and cultur. But I'm starting to get sick of it. Not the capital as such, Copenhagen do really have a lot of beauty I think. But I'm truly getting soooo tired of my fellow danes. It truly takes nothing to stick out. People here are so closed minded and racistist. And it don't matter if you are black, arab, gay, woman, goth, punk, have a few pircings, the wrong tatoo, or purpel pants......fact is that if you DARE to be an individual, if yo dare to stick out of the crowd, if you dare to draw attention to yourself, you are asking for it and you will be puished....that truly is the danish mentality I'm affraid :(

In 1933 Aksel Sandemose wrote a novel where he included 10 laws that describet the danish mentality. It's sad but very very tru...I have tryed to translade them to english:

1. You shall not belive that you are eanything.
2. You shall not belive that you are as much as us.
3. You shall not belive that you are as wise as us.
4. You shall not belive that you are better then us.
5. You shall not belive that you know more then us.
6. You shall not belive that you are more then us.
7. You shall not belive that you can do eanything well.
8. You shall not laugh at us.
9. You shall not belive that eanybody likes you.
10. You shall not belive that you can teach us eanything.

The auther had ment it to be a criticism, but meany took it to heart. I actually remember a boy I went to school with had the "laws" posted to his refridgerator - sceary.

I'm starting to think about leving the country.....America and London are very much in my mind here, but to tell he truth I have never been to America....yet.

I still got 3 years to got a university, but still after that, I don't know if I want to be that fare away from my family and the few friends I have left. But on the other side, living here can be so draining at times...and I know that my mom will understand, actually she kind of expects me to move to some exotic big city, but I just don't feel right beeing so far away from her...ohhh what to do what to do :S

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Comment by Sylvan Arden on July 22, 2009 at 1:12pm
You really surprised me a great deal with what you said about Copenhagen! I thought that they would be different. Wow! I can't believe it. To me Denmark was like Holland, only less so, of course.
It is very hard to move somewhere. Maybe it is easier in the European Community. But to move from one country to the other can be very, very hard. I think it is best to make the best of it and think really good before moving.
However, you can take advantage of when you're going to college and maybe attend a good college in a much better place.
I love Europe, but my liking of it only emanates from a romantic notion I have of the place based on books and articles I have read. I've never been to Europe. But if half of what I read is true, I would stay there and not think about America. I think it's better in Europe. How about Holland, Germany or even Britain or Switzerland or maybe another Scandinavian country. Also, are you sure there's no where in Denmark that you would like better? I refuse to believe that Denmark is so stuck up and conservative as you described it. I heard Denmark was pretty kool!
Comment by wisti on July 22, 2009 at 3:44pm
What I say is bases on personal experience. I am danish and have live here all my life. Belive me or not, but that is what the general danish mentality is like. Even amoung the different subcultures in Denmark do you meet prejudice in ways that will supprise you. For most of my life I have tryed to denie it, naturally I don't want to belive this about my own country, but I have experienced too much, so I simply can't deny it eany more.

I will give you another exampel. A friend of mien work as the designer in a fake fur shop of very good quality. At the opening of the shop I meet the aunt of the designer and we talk about the furs, and she sayes what a shame it is she will never be abel to wear one, and I ask why she can't. She looks at me odly and responds:"Because the whole local town will look down on me, will think that I belive that I'm better then them, and they will hate me".

This is truly danish mentality.
Comment by Sagemoon on July 23, 2009 at 10:24am
I'm disappointed to hear that is how the people of Denmark treat outsiders. My great grandfather was a Danish immigrant. If you come to the U.S., pick your city well. It's hard to describe the country as a whole, each region and big city has its own personality. I'm partial to the Western states. : )


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