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Trying to explain the human body/nature connection

I have been thinking a lot how things in life work and I think I can explain some stuff, but it is not easy to understand. So pay close attention.

So, let's start with the beginning. In the beginning there was a seed, that exploded into two. With the explosion two mushroom clouds emerged, the tree of knowledge of good/crown and evil/roots. These two were twisting in opposite directions (yin/yang) and caused the churning of the milk ocean (milky way/universe).

So first the aleph (air/space) divides the upper and lower waters (hidrogen). Then it divides all solid elements from the chemically reactive elements (darkness/light)

and then it divided all movement and stillness (sound/silence).

We see the same thing in nature the air divides water and clouds. Water contains solid particles/earth/matter and the clouds create lightning/energy.

Matter creates gravity/stillness and energy creates light/movement.

In the center of our head is the nose/air

Tears are like water above and spit/salvia is like water below.

Our eyes open and perceive light.

Our mouth eats/closes and perceives food matter.

Our throat creates sound/motion and our ears perceive sound/stillness.

The white sun is on the zenith/air (european).

Before that it is yellow/water and after it falls also (asian)

During sunrise (eyes open) and sunset (mouth closes)

it is red/fire (native american)

Our lungs are air/grown tree. Our heart is fire/fruit (red).

Our pee is yellow/water (penis/sprout) and our excrement is brown/earth (seed).

Now think of a mushroom. First the seed is in the ground  (female). Then rain (male) falls in the ground and enters the seed. The seed breaks in two and creates a sprout (which is shaped like an eyeball). This sprout grows out of the ground (eyes open/sun rises). After it enters the air it shapes into a dogs nose (when you cut a mushroom you will see). Then the cap turns flat and looks like a mouth/lips and at last it becomes a cup (which looks like a chin and throat. After it died, a new mushroom cycle begins. Now we come to animals. At first we have microbes/insects seed/throat earth. These evolve into fish/mouth/vesica pisces water. Out of these reptiles evolve, that breathe air and soon turn into birds/triangle/nose.

Then mammals get created and some return into the water (dolphin) and the earth (mole).

The seasons also show this cycle. During spring plants sprout and grow/fire (brown/red) at summer leaves grow, again vesica pisces like mouth/eyes (green is the central color of white light). Then at autumn the leaves turn yellow and fall (rain/pee) and also fruits with new seeds fall on the ground/ sun on horizon. During winter all is dead/stillness until a new cycle begins. There-S so much more to tell, but I think this should fit for now.

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