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I feel like I'm really close to losing it. Whatever "it" is. My mind? Oh. Hmm. Possibly that, yeah. *waves at it* I think I've had way too much fucking mental processes going on and am heading into a system overload. Which means I'll crash and reboot. My head hurts. Its ached since earlier when a slew of past life info hit me, and other memories...and much information...And my fucking hormones are nuts right now! Because its that time of month. How can a person feel bubbly and murderous at the same time? That just isn't right. Isn't right! I want to hug trees and pet bunnies while shooting the shit out of retarded humans. I guess I'm holding in too much frustration...And there have been people who are seriously getting under my skin.

And in the stupidest ways. Over the stupidest things. Normally I can brush off little annoyances without so much as batting an eyelash, but now? Nuh uh! Just want to slap some people silly! For example...young people who bitch about older people...trying to make a point but coming off as whining rebellious little shits that give the rest of us younger people a bad reputation. Who gives a fly fuck about age?! "Being old just means you survived. It isn't a big deal." Um...hello? Survival is a big fucking deal. We might not have the same conditions as our forefathers, but we have a lot of other factors that are equally bad road bumps. Surviving IS a big deal. And I congratulate those who make it! Maybe because I've attempted suicide, because I know how easy it is to give up, and I respect all the shit older people have gone through to have a whiny ass little kid blatthering in their face about nonsense. Are all elder mystics? No. Do they all have a lot more experience than a 20 year old? YES. It doesn't matter if that experience is spiritual, street related, work related or whatever...whatever they know, its important to some aspect of your life if you'd open your fucking ears and actually listen to what people have to share.

Or how about people who's soul point is to piss others off. I've known plenty of them. I had the misfortune to date one briefly. You're not cute. You're not being funny. You're being an annoying little ass. And yes, I realize that must be a compliment for you. But seriously! Get OVER the bullshit! There's more important things in life than what some people have been bickering over on here. It seems like a lot of people just flashing their egos at each other, playing some kind of prehistoric "I'm better than you" game that isn't worth shit in the world today because being superior is irrelevant! I'm glad you've got mad skillz. Now stop bragging about them and start USING them for some purpose in this God forsaken planet. Its great you were a princess or queen in a past life, but that past life isn't doing anything for the present except affect you on a personal level...and annoying the hell out of other people who have to listen to you brag about who you once were.

I'm just sick sick SICK of all the retarded bullshit that makes no relevant sense whatsoever to actual intelligent or rewarding conversation! Aren't we here to grow and learn? To engage in conversations that will help further our knowledge, connection and understanding? But I see more ego wars than anything else. And those do nothing to help me or any other person on here except to piss them off or give them the satisfaction of making others look like an idiot. It isn't even just here...its everywhere! EVERYWHERE! Blind, sleeping ignorant human beings! And so much hatred! Pointless stupid hatred!!

*exhales* Well that felt good. Sorry if I offended you in my ranting. Keep in mind I'm menstruating and have been bottle emotions up over time. They sound nastier than they really are.

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Comment by Nancy Chappell on March 4, 2010 at 4:00am
Wow! Pixi, its good to know that there is someone who like me has an off day where they just want to shout at the world. Good on ya hon and thankyou for sticking up for us oldies, greatly appreciated cause I still have a bit of brain power left lol
Comment by Delgarth Darkwalker on March 8, 2010 at 3:17am
"I want to hug trees and pet bunnies while shooting the shit out of retarded humans" and you just made my day Little Pixie,I feel like this every day so don't worry about offending someone with your venting.


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