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For those who aren't too familiar with me, my name is Horizon, the Ultimate Evil. It has come to my attention that this years election for PUSA is quite apparent to either fall in favor to either Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump. Being the Ultimate Evil, I do NOT endorse Hillary Clinton. Now most of you will be very pissed and upset with me backing Donald Trump. Believe me, when I say, he's the lesser of two evils. I know I keep saying that Satan wishes he had my power, but even HE is scared of Hillary becoming PUSA. And says a lot to me folks.I, horizon, therefore endorse fully, to Donald Trump. He would be the better president of the United States, then Hillary Rodham Clinton. Therefore I encourage you to vote for the lesser of two evils, to Donald J Trump. Despite the fact that people have said that he is a racist, that he does not care about the little person, and that he would be A bad idea for America. I fully disagree with this certainly because Hillary Rodham Clinton, is a liar, thief, and all-around bad idea sorely for this certainty of United States of America. She cannot tell the truth to save her life, has to have her husband talk to certain officials so that she does not get reprimanded for the emails that were mistakenly sent to her private email. Also for erasing classified emails that did not belong to her private email address. And she sent these private emails that were classified to other people. But yet the FBI did not find her guilty. Ladies and gentlemen, it is a proven fact, that Hillary Rodham Clinton cannot be trusted. I've said my piece.
Thank you for reading,
Horizon, the ultimate evil.

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