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Update on experiences with PAN - rural upstate New York

So I have decided to move back to Houston, Texas! Can't wait I am so sick of the negative energy around here! So I have developed an altar at home on top of the nice wooden     that my dad made me. I draw a pentagle there DAILy and put burning candles on either side of it. I also have a pretty glass vase I put there with melted wax from my jesus candles. I have done a few spells there so far, Nothing drastic and the results aren't that dramatic. One of the negative cast off retards that wont leave the house says its impossible for anything drastic to happen to any of my enemies because He/she is there and he knows everything that could possibly happen etc. I know many of those people will probably die or lose their jobs and or relationships because they are casting against me but things take time when there is an evil spirit that is basically puppeting over 50 people. He is so over worked he cant even keep up with who is with me and who is against me. I am starting to gather ingredients for my spell cabinet. So far I have an eyeglass -old, shoelaces, black paint , sage . hoping by summer I will have every ingredient that I need in case I am accosted by THEM on the bus or in public. They try to spiritually assault me constantly really. Mentally I am feeling quite good, I am taking Seroquel, Strattera and Gabopentin. I have finally come out of a long haze and decided never to go to a church again, it seems to be quieting a lot of my "friends" . I am still having extremely strong urges to have multiple relationhips which I am looking into I am sure the stronger female presence in me really wants to be involved in multiple relationships all the time. 

So one "escapade" of note . I went to the local Walmart. and something or other was circulating through the entire store - trying to "talk" to me - which means to falsely represent me all over the damn store> There wasn't a single person or area that wasn't effected. Things were crawling off people I could see like light juicy like stuff coming out of their faces, some looked wrongly aged, something was speaking behind faces , growing teeth out of peoples mouths. Whoever called himself God to these people really messed up their lives I mean Goddam spirit you can posses someone with out changing their bodies so much that they look ugly! I can stand the thing. I mean I sincerely feel sorry for it but it really just needs to go to like NYC or something and blend in sometimes. I mean is there anyone out there that could help the thing? I mean run a truck into it when its talking maybe that would get it to wake up!

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Comment by Enigma on January 25, 2019 at 5:05pm

Good luck on your move to Houston. You always have such interesting things to write about.


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