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Not sure if it is allowed or not. Quite don't know about the blog section but I need to vent. And, PaganSpace is my only haven certain people have no aware of.

Okay so my family and my husband drive me crazy. Both are abusive jerks who I know will never change. And, I'll constantly deal with them due to being raised to accept it. Plus it is also more complicated than I feel like explaining.

Firstly, my husband attempted to buy me a Wii u gaming system on eBay. Well apparently the person cancelled the item though we have already paid. To us we thought the person stole our money. Until finally receiving an email from them apologizing about the mix up and saying they'll refund our money. Well before finding out I was furious and made a facebook status about it. Well my idiot mother and sister decided to say unnecessary shit. But claiming that can't happen made me laugh. The reason it can happen. Someone can steal from you on eBay. Once you pay them they can keep the money without sending you the item or do what the person did to us cancel the item. It just amazes me how ignorant they are of believing it's impossible. Btw we are still waiting for our $260.

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Comment by shalon on January 27, 2015 at 8:01am

Venting is very much allowed here. I do it semi-regularly myself. That said I wish you well. Blessings.

Comment by Parvati Amethyst Nightshade on January 27, 2015 at 2:35pm
I think my husband did report it to them and if it does happen again we will do that. I have to ask my husband if we got our money back if not I'll do that now. What really pissed me off the seller didn't wait to see if our payment went through so they cancelled the item then they relisted the item and it sold. So, they apologize and said they'll refund us. It just took them a day to tell us they'll refund us.

I might vent frequently too but I'll try to post other things as well to balance it all out. What about poems?
)0( Blessed be
Comment by Parvati Amethyst Nightshade on January 28, 2015 at 9:40pm
Thank you. Thankfully today our money was back in our accounts. I think it was since we did notify eBay about what happened.


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