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Visitors in the house overstaying their welcome

So basically I have been continuing in my sorceress cupbourd project. As I said I have black ink, black shoelaces, eyeglasses, karma bracelet and some written out spells. I also got some nails from my dad and pins from my necklace. Also two black candles, I have been burning more and more candles, I have been spending more and more on candles to keep the house in a warmer  glos. Picked up some cemetery dirt out a ways from belmont.. Have two jars going now with dirt. There is such an overbearing female around me , it is SOOOO tediuos to have to carry around like an over grown baby all the time. I guess if its gibberish could be broken down to something of a single point, it wants me to be dead with it, even though we both know I would not be anywhere it really. And of course there is the obnoxious spirit or whatever that says that its my neices - they are like 20 somethings who are christian. So tiring, PAN said that after a few weeks it would wake up and get the christian ones away from the satanic ones. Its been like 9 + weeks

The MALE has had a couple hard days because I cant relax, there is HEAVY woman prescence that is constantly physically sitting on me on the bus and he cant get through to her to move . Sometimes they physically fight inside and around me, the funny/sad thing is the lady would have like the life she wants if she could just get out of our life. And she doesnt even want him for herself? Plus she is always trying to get me to call Satan when she  is around. I cant wait to move to a big city!!!! there is such horrible bad feelings in these people . Why cant everyone just like like each other , why is someone always trying to boss people around. I mean Im the only Priestess here and I NEVER feel like bossing people around. I have been trying to read but they are hindering me again. This morning I was trying (in my own head) to decided if I should sleep in  or go out to do errands. And this really WEAK ASS counterfeit person "stood up" and started througing a pissy fit in and around  me? I mean why is it that important.? I also have a young female thoughtform complete with family that needs to go out soon. May she find a good place :)

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Comment by Consuelo Figueroa on February 9, 2019 at 8:22pm



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