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Walking the Red Road April 28

The American Indian is of the soil, whether it be the region of forests, plains,
pueblos, or
mesas. He fits into the landscape, for the hand that fashioned the continent
also fashioned the
man for his surroundings. He once grew as naturally as the wild sunflowers. He
belongs just as the
buffalo belonged.
OGLALA SIOUX, 1868-1937

Meditations with Native American Elders-April 28

Indians living close to nature and natures ruler are not living in
Walking Buffalo, STONEY
There are many Indian people who are living according to nature and according to
ceremony and
culture. They may not have a lot of material things, but that doesnt mean
they are not
successful. What is success anyway? Can success be measured by material
things? What is it we
are really chasing anyway? The Elders say that what everyone really wants is to
be happy and have
a peaceful mind. Material things by themselves do not bring happiness and peace
of mind. Only
spiritual things bring happiness. When we live a spiritual life we will not have
Instead, we will be happy. Great Spirit, today, let me walk the Red Road.
A Cherokee Feast Of Days-April 28

How frightening to be out of touch”but how normal! There are times and
places we go through that
are strange”both in feeling and understanding. We experience an uneasy
feeling and want to rush
back to the familiar”even though it isn't the place to be either. In
growing, we go through
strange places and think unusual thoughts. Fear of the unknown has made us wary,
reaching for something to steady us, to give us direction and purpose. But we
must expand our
spirits, enlarge our thought to accept or reject what we have yet to learn. The
American Indian
has known the strangeness of new lands, new customs, has fought and lost”only
to fight and win.
Some are caught in between, but their staying power is in the Great Spirit who
ever holds our hand
and intercedes on our behalf.
I would that I could make the red people as great as the conceptions of my own
mind, when I think
of the Great Spirit that rules over us all.
April 28th

1871: Either convinced that Eskiminzin's APACHE are responsible for raids near Tucson, or just looking for an excuse to attack the ARAVAIPAs, William Oury sets out with 140 armed whites and Indians for the APACHE camp near Camp Grant.

1882: Remnants of Loco's CHIRICAHUA APAPCHEs who fought in the battles south of Stein's Pass, and in Horseshoe Canyon, on April 23, 1882, are attacked today by Captain Tullius Tupper, Troops G, and M, 6th Cavalry, and a company of Indian scouts, 25 miles south of Cloverdale, Arizona. Six APACHEs are killed, and 72 head of livestock are seized, according to Army reports. The surviving Indians head toward Mexico.

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