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I think one of the Fairfolk snuck into my room and dumped wander dust on me...because I haven't signed in since, what, April? My Gods. I apologize if I caused anyone concern. Last time I logged in I was pretty ill. Health wise I am and have been much better, just busy with other facets of life...including some addicting games. I've been negligent of my spiritual side. Its a curse...When I become interested in something, I am immediately passionate and dive in as though I'm wearing blinders. After a while, they fall off...I start to look around, realize I've been missing many many things.

On the brightside: I always resurface. On the other hand...I always dive right back in with another cycle. *laughs*

So what is goin on in my life? Hmmm. Still single. Had a few admirers, but I'm waiting until I get to Texas...I move in 62 days. My how the time has flown! I'm still working at the same shop, shorter shifts and of course, shorter hours. Sadly its necessary. My health was shot to pieces due to the old routine. I haven't been terribly ill since so I must be doing something right. I still find my family a blessing and a curse.

I did have a dream a dew weeks ago involving Odin and his ravens, which I might sit down and write out one of these days...or nights, when I'm not so tired. Its led me to have an interest in Norse Mythology and Asatru...a path I never imagined I'd have any interest it. I love irony. It doesn't help that my friend who follows Asatru is a big guy who hates - and I mean HATES - the Fair Folk. *giggles* How he could tolerate my company is...difficult to fathom. Maybe thats why I often found his presence uncomfortable. Great guy, but my Gods... *shakes head*

I think its time for bed now...after I doodle a few characters I'm working on. My newest obession: A Druid female with a Lynx companion, cared for by Lynx for a short period of time then reintroduced into society. Unrealistic, but it IS for a fantasy game. She's so awesome. I love making charact

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