today started like most days i went to sleep alittle earlier than normal about midnight, woke up at zero two and that's where it starts,  from ther ei've done three hours of pt mainly abbs, 30 minutes of deep meditation and vocal exercises to help change the tonality of my voice. and then i came to the office where i have finished three classes and spent six hours online. . . . nothing remarkable about my day nope nothign at all.


i've not smiled once today, i've not managed to pull myself out of the personal hell that seams tohave developped around me. but who knows the day i still young and so am I, and i've the luck of all the goddess's on my back so maybe my gaurdian will whisper that tid bit of wisdome to me that just makes it all make sence, then again maybe not, seeing as this has been a carbon copy of every day for the past two weeks it seams like.

 anyways blessed be.

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