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I was wondering around Youtube today and I came across some really good videos by Amethyst Televen. Watching her on how to open and close a circle and a few others, but then I stumble upon a video of a handfasting. My girlfriend and I sat and watched it (about 15 min long) was amazed at how beautiful the ceremony is. When we get married I want to do this. What really got me is when the priest (or whatever they call him, if you know please enlighten me) said "I am not asking who will give this woman away, for women are not belongings or owned. Therefore I ask you Eve (that was her name) do you come willingly to join this man?" I thought that was so awesome that I almost cried (yes I said cried lol, I'm one of those men with emotions LOL). I would love to know more about this. Anyway, hope to hear from someone. Until then; Blessed Be.

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