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An unnamed Ascended Master reports that during the Victorian period of the 19th century, European civilization had appeared to learn the lessons of the Middle Ages when the Christian Church was its teacher. The lesson, in a very few words, was this: sex is bad, and must be repressed. This ideal moral state ended when Sigmund Freud, who in his day was pilloried as “Dr. Sex”, wrote his nefarious treatises. The result was the moral quagmire that we see today.

I am Sophia, also known as Lady Master Sophia, a Mahatma much like the Mahatmas Koot Hoomi and Morya who worked with Helena Blavatsky to found the Theosophical Society in 1875. The “Ascended Master” whose teachings I have reproduced above is in no way like the Mahatmas whom I represent, who offer humanity the prospect of an intelligent and sane spiritual evolution. It is interesting that in the decade after Madame Blavatsky founded her society, Friedrich Nietzsche proposed an ideal similar to the Mahatma, the Übermensch. But the Mahatma adds to the Übermensch the faculty of Buddhist compassion, and it is this compassion that makes the ideal of the Mahatma a sane ideal, an ideal that we may believe is entirely appropriate for humanity. Another important difference between the Mahatma and the Übermensch is that every human being can become a Mahatma through the process of reincarnation, but only a select few can become an Übermensch, and these will probably be the products of a eugenics program.

After Friedrich Nietzsche became incapacitated by syphilis his sister Elisabeth compiled the notes that he had left for a book on the Will to Power and produced a work that significantly distorted his thought. Friedrich was not anti-Semitic, and even suggested that if a eugenics program were to be established for the perfection of mankind, the Jewish people, who already in his day had made major contributions to mainstream European culture, should definitely participate in the project. Elisabeth deliberately altered her brother’s writings in the new book and, in addition, forged 30 letters in his name, with the result that a false Nietzsche, Nietzsche the anti-Semitic proponent of Aryan supremacy, became a mainstay of Nazi propaganda.

It is interesting to note that Elizabeth Förster-Nietzsche was a Christian who was deeply troubled by her brother’s atheism, but at the same time found his ideas intriguing and useful---useful for the anti-Semitic agenda of her husband Bernhard Förster. I can only imagine that she believed in the blond, blue-eyed Jesus that had become popular in the Europe of her time. Advocates of Aryan superiority had proposed that Indo-European genetics were predominant in Galilee as opposed to Judea to the south, which was Semitic.

I have no wish to compare Elizabeth Clare Prophet to Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche except to say that they were both Christians who distorted the writings of a profoundly non-Christian or anti-Christian author. Helena Blavatsky was a Gnostic as well as an esoteric Buddhist who published a magazine called “Lucifer”, in which the Light Bearer is symbolic of a revolutionary spirit that seeks to free humanity from the limitations of both a materialistic science and a bourgeois Christian morality. In Mrs. Prophet’s “Teachings of the Ascended Masters” the bourgeois Christian morality finds a new home, and Lucifer is once again the devil. I ceased to believe in the validity of her revelations when I noticed that her Buddha and her Mother Mary (Virgin Mary) speak to us with the same phrases, the same ideas, and the same feeling tone. Every Master and angel in her voluminous production is almost exactly the same except for the names and the images that are assigned to them. I conclude that her material is either heavily distorted by her subconscious mind or created by it. It is also curious that her Jesus and St. Germain have blond hair and blue eyes like the Jesus of the Aryan supremacist Christians favored by Elizabeth Förster-Nietzsche---although I suppose that that is only a coincidence.

I hasten to add, lest my readers misunderstand me, that Elizabeth Clare Prophet is not a proponent of Aryan superiority or eugenics. The Aryan supremacists distorted Friedrich Nietzsche’s ideas. When Mrs. Prophet distorts the ideas of Madame Blavatsky the result is a return to a Victorian, pre-Freudian sexual morality, as in the paragraph that introduced this essay. The unnamed Ascended Master who could have written that paragraph is Mother Mary, for in Mrs. Prophet’s world Mary assumes the importance that she held as the Virgin Mary in the Catholic Church. She is equally as repressive, and even though her new rosary seems to understate the idea of sin, the heavy hand of the fear of sex is present in her thought throughout Mrs. Prophet’s work. In fact, the original sin, according to Mrs. Prophet, was an act of astral sex between Lucifer and Eve. This interpretation of Genesis differs markedly from the prevailing Jewish idea in which the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil symbolizes a loss of innocence through ego consciousness and intellectual awareness, which necessitates moral choice.

The Gnostics, for their part, believed that the good Aeon (goddess) Sophia assumed the form of a wise serpent in the Garden of Eden in order to offer Eve the gnosis or hidden knowledge that would liberate her from the tyranny of the Archon (ruler) Yaldabaoth (YHVH). This gnosis is the awareness that human beings are divine and need not obey the dictates of a god or archon outside of them. We need only obey our own hearts. We are the light. I believe that the Buddha said as much.

It is easy to see that the so-called Ascended Masters of Elizabeth Clare Prophet are not the real Mahatmas that offered us a key to freedom from the mundane human condition in 1875. Unfortunately the spontaneously formed “messages” that only repeat the moral formulas of Baptists and Presbyterians seem to have created an opening for opportunistic spiritual beings---who may be extraterrestrial---to imitate the true Mahatmas and valid teachers of mankind. I do not believe that the Mother Mary of Mrs. Prophet, who also speaks through countless New Age channels, is identical to Mariam of Nazareth. I do not believe that her blond New Age Jesus is Yeshuah ha Mashiach. But many, many people do, and that is very sad---for we are in danger of losing the great opportunity that Madame Blavatsky offered to us. Helena Blavatsky will lead us to ourselves, and we will follow ourselves to our greater Selves. Despite her kind and loving appearance I have discovered that “Mother Mary” does not wish to lead us to ourselves, but wishes to control us and subject us to a rigid Rule, specifically an anti-sexual rule. It is once again the case of a Law that is held to be superior to the human being. She is not Mariam but an emissary of the Archon who has assumed the appearance of a true God. This Archon (Yaldabaoth) was responsible for the production of the Qur’an and much of the Bible. Thus far I am alone in this perception, but I challenge our New Age psychics and mediums to investigate the matter fully. It is an issue of great importance.

In my capacity as Lady Master Sophia I recently presented to Mother Mary and her associates a white paper (tongue-in-cheek) that outlines some future possibilities for her work. After she reproduces in modern humanity the moral situation that prevailed in the final days of Atlantis---when husbands and wives were not allowed to sleep together except for the 10 to 15 minutes that were required for the conception of a child---I suggest that she reform the dolphins, the other conscious species on this planet. It is well known among biologists that young adult male dolphins who have not yet mated with females of their own age have erotic relationships with their mothers that involve physical contact but not intercourse. This is incestuous! Selected members of the Ascended Masters should either incarnate as dolphins or use dolphin avatars (as in the movie “Avatar”) to teach the dolphins the universal moral Law, and if necessary, compel them to obey the Law by threatening them with bad karma. But notice how humane and enlightened a concept this is compared to the medieval teaching of purgatory and hell. We cannot allow any conscious species in this galaxy to ignore the Law that clearly states that the only legitimate purpose of sex is reproduction. All other sexuality, even a brief kiss on the lips---or the rubbing of a male dolphin against his mother---offends His Majesty in the Great Central Sun. Mother Mary should assemble an underwater Ascended Master task force as soon as possible.

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