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Another Fire Fighter has been found already!! (Cassie, you are a super hero in my world at the moment) I knew there had to be some out there. Thank you for the great words, they made my day!

So I look kinda like a Heroin addict with all the bruises on my arms and thighs, hooray for tires!! Ugh. I have learned to hate trator tires... and yet from now on, ever morning I have school that is going to be my warm up. It's decent practice for when I have to go into a building and do a secondary search or something and have to flip a bed I guess. Flipping Tractor tires... ugh.

So I got to do my live burn, which was interesting and not really as frightening as I thought it would be. I my bunker gear. It reall really REALLY makes a difference, because I was in temperatures that I would not have been able to survive without it, even crawling on the floor, and I was comfortable and happy as a clam... well, sorta. It is pretty amazing though, how that stuff can save you, and make you able to do your job. Did you know that the human body can only be exposed to 130+ degrees for about a minute before one dies, and during that time your skin is cooking off and you are burning? When I was doing my preliminary search of the burn room the floor temp was 180+ degrees, meaning that if there had actually been anyone in that room not wearing bunker gear they would have hated life.

I also got to play with a ladder truck yesterday... that was interesting, and it is amazing how people's fears will get to them. Once the Truck operator told me that they end of the ladder fully extended had a 1k load capacity I was totally cool, which was good because damned if that thing doesn't wobble all to hell when it is extended and you are on the end. I feel bad for the bigger guys, because they were the ones that made the end of the ladder move the most. And without my gear on I found out that I can fall throught the rungs... which made my instructor a little nervous.

Speaking of gear I FINALLY got my boots in. They still have the new rubber smell, and I really need to break them in. Fire Boots need to be pulled on and off a certain number of times before they will come on and off easily, so right now I am spending most of my time struggling to get into my boots, which is not good for the timed gear donning. But they fit, which is great and is going to make my life a hell of a lot easier when I am running up and down stairs and ladders and everything. So the plan over the next week is to break them in so that I have them to work with.

Overall things are coming along well, I am keeping my grades up, and with all the PT I am doing I will be in great shape when it comes time for the hard work to begin. I have also learned to love a form of Gatorade which I never thought I would, but it really is helping me with that whole keeping hydrated thing, which is turning out to be super important. I never knew I could sweat this much. Tomorrow I am looking forward to a bike ride and a swim.

Keeping this busy is also helping in other ways... like helping me cope with Jack Jack, whom still gets to me. And just random other stress factors in my life. I was for a while taking St. John's Wort to help with my instabilities... but I'll be damned if that stuff didn't make me a pissy bitch. Now I am looking for new things to use, but have so far been unsuccessful in finding something with a side effect that I can even live with. Keeping busy helps. It really does.

I would also like to just add a huge thank you to everyone who has been supporting me, it's what's really getting me through all of this. Hugs and loves to you all.

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