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Well another weird dream.....


Sci fi channel strikes again....


I had a dream that I was  bieing chased by this guy who trying to catch us and we  in these outfits red and blue striped? we split up and this car small  compact lady said get in...

Next I know ima  nurses  uniform and she says I help out nurses.

Well  next i know she invited me inside and offered me Pizza and I ended up eating a salad she had this with her family. These huge aquariums with  plants in it. Next I know this animal  look like ah uge potatoe head bug comes out I like what is that she wanted hold it iwas ike no thanks. She had her other creepy bug on my arm I could feel it was creepy.  Thenext i know im in the back yard of a  campus and this lady talking aobut ajor am I  Isaid  pych anthro?  she wanted me go down this dangrous junged path with loose mental bars for handles I just said oh heck with it and slid down into a water park slide.

Thats hen tom woke me up.

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