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Weird dream about POOP! and this fruit from another world

I had to weird dreams 


First dream was about me ina public restroom with the restroom having kind of like fading beige  walls there was people in the bathroom.


I missed the toilet? in the dream Ido not know how Idid that?


I was cleaning up the toilet with a wipe....  I as saying Iwanted it be clean for the enxt person...

I know is there waqs some light colred poop on the  floor saurrounding he toilet and it was light colored? People kept saying do not track it out of the stall .

I left he stalls everybodys  like did you take  careo fi t iwas like yup?


The next dream  was about I was hanging ut with this blonde guy I was eating this odd fruit it was  like pear and a watermelon and passion fruit had a baby.   I was being offered a fruit I was told if ieatthe one that did not  have alot of  seeds  it had only tree in it  or the other one  it had alot of seeds itold if ieatthe one in my hand it would make me infertile Iwas like  no thanks ido not wantot eat it .


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