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Cunning greetings old friends, new acquaintances, and the merely curious.

I am your curmudgeonly host, the redoubtable Old Richard.

This blog will serve a two-fold purpose. First, I will soon no longer be available on Facebook. The reasons are legion, and the regrets are few.

Secondly, I intend to use this as a sort of virtual lectern to pontificate, bloviate, and utterly bore people with my feeble wisdom, middling knowledge, and ill humor on the Ars Magica as they pertain to the practice of reconstructed traditional folk-cunning and Anglo-Saxon-derived traditional witchcraft.

To keep things organized, there will be two types of entry titles. One, like this one, will have a mundane title and deal with general news, occasional rants, book reviews, and so on. The others will have a numbered title, and in these I will be doing a progressive explanation of my understanding of the arcane.

Just in case you didn't know, if I were to suddenly vanish it is because I'm having a bit of trouble with metastatic cancer. I'm holding my own for now, but I am legally disabled physically with the usual complications of advanced cancer. Neither the doctors nor the runes can predict my remaining time on this side of the veil.

That said, I intend to use my retirement to attend as many festivals, moots, and parties as possible. Next up is the Summer Solstice celebration at Wisteria, to be followed by Stones Rising at Four Quarters Farm. Other events will be forthcoming. Here's to greeting one another soon!

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