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Well update on my life so far pretty bizzare tihs year

Well  I have low blood sugars and I lost weight  some gain a bit back fro mthe Holidays and then , I  went and bought New cloths  70 pound weight loss :)  My family and I saw the therapist counselors after  my husbands less than postive behaviors towards  each me  being on the  recieiving end the most.

So far  therapy's been working a  and those massive pile of spells  The God/s are  real :)

I am in DEEP GRATITUDE !   My Yule brake down  as very good   Spent time with family  did a few jobs   got osme money and  I do photography  got my license ot wed people and I finished up my resumes  and getting sites up.

Husband  did a  three unheards of ever took em out on my birthday and took the day off and did the same for  day before Xmas  eve nad New  Years eve My brothers jaw was dropped so was mine :)

I was very suprised by this  and  he even  did some romantic stuff for me :) Another HUGE SURPISE!

Yes I do photograpghy and  amonst toher stuff :)

Sons doing okay he is  in Forth grade and Husbands still works were he works and found shitt on out about him I never knew  .

He found out he did not  know my ass at freaking all!

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Comment by Karen Black on January 6, 2017 at 6:48pm
This sounds like a very positive start to your New Year. It's nice that things are going your way.
Comment by danny buyck on January 8, 2017 at 9:36pm

Thank U


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