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I have a long history of writing comments on forums, but I’ve never really done a blog before. So, I thought I’d start simple, and just do reading list blog.

I’m not reading a lot of fiction right now. I have a used copy of Brian Lumley’s “The Clock of Dreams,” a part of his Lovecraft circle stories, that I’m reading in the spaces in between my non-fiction. I have a mild obsession with the Lovecraft circle authors, and in particular their older stories — the ones hard to find.

As for the non-fiction, the books I’m currently reading are:

• Edred Thorsson. Runlore: The Magic, History, and Hidden Codes of the Runes

This is one that I’ve checked out through ILL (Inter-Library Loan) twice, and when it came up again, I just decided to buy it. Obviously, it’s gone from being an interesting read to a reference book. Somewhere in my to-read lists I also have Thorsson’s book “Futhark”, but it will have to wait its turn. I’m actually reading Runlore through again to take notes.

• T. Thorn Coyle. Make Magic of your Life: Purpose, Passion, and the Power of Desire.

This is a really good book that uses Eliphas Levi’s four powers of the sphinx for personal development. It’s a little self-help-y which is not a bad thing, but it’s not strictly speaking a book on magic. However, I generally take a holistic view towards education.

The book I have on the “pause shelf” (paws when the cats are sleepy) is:

• Donald Tyson’s magnificent edition of Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy.

I was going to read this straight through, but at about halfway decided to give it a rest. Like a lot of my books, I will pick it up later, right where I left off.
In the ILL Queue at my local library I have:

• Philosophy of science and the occult. ISBN 9780791402047

This is a collection of essays that look interesting, but I’m not sure how much I’ll actually get out of it. I’ll probably learn more about the tendency of hegemonic communities to reinforce their own biases than about occult science. (That’s an oblique reference to Catherine Bell’s “Ritual Theory, Ritual Practice” which leans more toward anthropology, but still a good read.)

• Spirits in culture, history, and mind. ISBN 9780415913676

Spirits, culture, history, and the mind what more can I ask for.
In the mail from Amazon is:

• Magic, Power, Language, Symbol: A Magician's Exploration of Linguistics
by Patrick Dunn

The premise of this book connects very well with my Information Theory model of magic so I bought it. Also, it didn’t show up on WorldCat, which is a prerequisite for getting it by ILL. I had a similar trouble with Mirandola’s “A Platonick Discourse upon Love”, but I found I could buy it at a good price as a reprint from the University of Michigan Library, through Amazon of course. So, it’s in my study library.

I have a long backlog of books I want to read. At the top of that is Damon Zacharias Lycourinos’ “Occult Traditions”, but it’s not available through ILL, and I have yet to decide whether it’s worth buying. The answer will probably be yes, but I probably think about for another week.

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Comment by Medb St. Jerome on January 12, 2017 at 4:14pm

Here's an update: The Philosophy of science and the occult is a little disappointing. It has some good material, but for me it at best a review of material I've seen before. It'd be good for dealing with the CSICOPs, but I'm way past that kind of thing. It's an ILL so I'll skim through it a couple of days, and then send it back.

I also have my hands on the "Spirits in culture, history, and mind," which looks like a juicy comparative study of indigenous religions in Oceania. So, I'm happy with it.


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