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Many of the United States and other countries are keeping a vigilant watch on the DeepWater Horizon oil spill. Watching ,waiting and praying for a solution. Perhaps large parts can be frozen and scooped from the water. Obviously the chemical dispersent isn't helping the ocean life or the plant life that comes in contact with it, at best it is just adding more woes to be reckoned with.

What if the spill can't be cleaned up in time. What if the oil finds its way into our rivers, streams and finally seeping into our ground waters and lakes.

This could cause massive illnesses or a colllosal shortage of clean drinking water. Without water all life, human and anumal suffers. Water is Vital.

What if the oil destroys the fishing grounds of many fishermen and depletes the United States of much of the shellfish other sea based foods. Fish is a vital food fo humankind.

What if it travels to other countrys.

Our nation would have to rely on other countries for seafood that would otherwise be supplied her in the US, and at what cost.

What if there is much more oil than anyone really knows. After all, does BP have a counter attached to the ruptured well to give an accurate count?

What if there is no real way to clean this up completely.

Has this oil or the chemical used to break it up been test for dangers that can affect life. We have had warnings but what are the true dangers?
All the peiple of this country can do is offer our help and prayers and hope there is a solution.Let us all pray there is.
What if DeepWater Horizon is the key to our 2012. What we do now will make all the difference in our future resources.


Do Not Be Afraid To Ask!

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Comment by Tea on June 9, 2010 at 1:57pm
The poet Auden said this about the Sea's and the Space.."Thousands have lived without Love, but none without water"! Still for our Mothers Gulf and Oceans as we all come from them.

And Gaia Windwalker, there are many solutions, here is 1 that has been used many times. But, BP will not use it, watch the Video all the way through and you will know how far back this goes and in another Gulf Spill it was used and worked great.

Comment by Gaia Windwalker on June 11, 2010 at 12:40am
This video is amazing. I don't know why BP would refuse to use this before the damage gets worse. What they are doing now is falling short of the mark. Maybe we need to all contact, and remind them of this. This is the address they gave me to make suggestions. Just log on and fill in the form, then submit it.


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