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Over the years I've enjoyed coming to the forums here and participating in the conversation. Sometimes, I'd find everyone agreeable and sometimes well, we don't. I usually left the discussion feeling that while I may still not agree, I have come to understand the perspective of the other side of the argument a little better.

The discussions aren't always civil, I wish they were, but, they aren't. However, that is not what this discussion is going to be about. Sometimes discussion go off topic and that is not what this is about either. This discussion is about posters that start a discussion under one title and subject, but, after the discussion is going, they suddenly change the title and paragraphs of the content gets altered or replaced all together with slightly different subject matter. Not completely different, but, enough so, that all of the earlier discussion taking place seems out of place. Sort of making it appear the earlier commenters just popped in and said some completely random stuff unrelated to the topic. This same discussion may go through this metamorphosis several times before it dies completely. 

Originator of the topic also avoids commenting back, especially to the detractors. Now why would they do this? They knew from the onset that they were going to change the narrative that's why. To me, this comes across in two ways:

  1. Cowardice
  2. Dishonest

 You can handle this in three ways:

  1. Not participate
  2. Participate and do nothing about it
  3. Copy and paste the original title and discussion in the comments. Every time the originator changes the title, copy and paste. So others participating won't forget.

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