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Benjamin Creme, as most of my readers probably know, served as a kind of “John the Baptist” figure for Maitreya, the World Teacher who was supposed to appear on the world stage after descending from the Himalayas and taking residence in London. As I reported in my essay, “Where is Maitreya Now?”, Maitreya will not appear before the world and returned to the Himalayas on March 31 of 2017, forty years after his descent. The wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen, for which the United States was directly or indirectly responsible, were nothing less than crimes against humanity and the World Teacher was forced to leave us. I have more information to disclose: Maitreya left his physical body through the process known as Mahasamadhi on April 1, 2017; his body died soon afterwards. He went to Mt. Shasta in California in August of 2017 as an ordinary Ascended Master, without a physical body.

Maitreya is preparing me to be his channel; I am one of several disciples of the World Teacher who live in California, which is the reason for his residence in that state. I was thinking today about the instances, some important and some relatively unimportant, in which I disagree with Benjamin Creme. I was wondering what I might say to those who admire Mr. Creme and believe every word he wrote. I certainly admire him also, and think he was a better man than I am; two things he was supposed to have said, however, are quite important, and are simply wrong. But I did not find these statements in his writings---instead, his followers told me about them.

The first idea was that the Masters gave the atomic bomb to mankind. That is wrong, for Maitreya tells me that they did not give any kind of nuclear fission technology to humanity. That idea was horrifying to me when I first heard it.

The second idea was that global warming is natural and not caused by mankind; this also is completely wrong, even though we still live close to the end of an ice age, which is a time of gradual warming.

I have my own viewpoint about many other matters, and the question is, how I can possibly disagree with the great figures of the esoteric teachings without pretending to be superior to the many teachers who were antecedent to me. I heard, for example, that “animals do not fear . . .” and I know that that is not true. I can always just say that I am a headstrong fool. That might do the trick.

Below: The Bodhisattva Maitreya, several hundred years BCE.

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Comment by Enigma on September 21, 2018 at 4:06pm

I don't fully agree with everything people teach and preach, and they don't fully agree with me.


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