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I know all my friends have been wondering where I have been lately. Unfortunately there just haven't been enough hours in my days... On Nov. 20 my husband was laid off from work. So I picked up a part time job at Macy's for the holidays. That part time job turned in to 60+ hours a week through December. Plus I was trying to keep up with my business and other commitments - like my kids. I just simply didn't have the time to visit you all. I'm sorry.

Here is some of what I have been working on though...

I started 2 new blogs:

The Inspired Mama Goddess is all about personal & spiritual growth, inspiration and motivation. It's starting small but it's been a great way for me to work on my own growth and share it with others.

How You Can Change Your Life is a blog based financial growth. Mostly it's about working from home, how to find an opportunity that's best for you and how to grow one that you have and love.

I'm still working on my Magickal Garden website and can't wait to launch it. But I want to make sure it has all the best and correct information on it, which takes some time for research and design time too...

Sabrina's Closet has been taking some extra time as well. It seems that most of the women I had featured have quit their businesses or found something new. So that's been taking more time than it should as well...

Then of course there is my full time business with Ameriplan. We have been running a great promotion that lowers the start up cost to just $25, so I ordered 2000 leads and I still generate my own. That's a LOT of phone calls.

So, in short, please forgive me for not being on. I have missed you all! I'll be on from here on out at least a few times a week - if not more!

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