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Why Hex Someone When Living Well is The Best Revenge?

Instead of hexing, I would focus the energy on removing someone from your life rather than harming and hurting. 

Hexing doesn't really accomplish anything - energy put into there could be put into making your own life better. Would you rather get 10,000 USD or have your enemy lose 10,000 USD?

Make it so that the person simply does not interact with you anymore.

If you insist on harming the other person do it in a way that leaves as little of a link to you as possible in-case it back-fires. I don't see what harming another person accomplishes in almost all cases but sometimes it's absolutely necessary, such as in self-defense, and only for the motive of self-defence. I have not gotten revenge on people before.

Living well is the best revenge.

Why hex someone when living well is the best revenge?

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Comment by Eric Firehorse on June 16, 2019 at 12:20pm

Success is the best revenge, when you focus on success you success when you focus on revenge you enter into a realm of tit for tat, being drawn down to their sad level, I speak from experience I have had people mess with me, trying to stop me setting up my own business amongst other things, the thing to remember is law of personal return, i.e. steel from another and you will have things stolen from you, slander another you will be slandered. etc. the point being if you keep to yourself and focus only on your big picture, law of attitude comes into play, which is the only thing that can harm you or give you abundance and happiness, your own attitude, you are only responsible for your own actions not other peoples.


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