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If you believe in some form of Divinity/cosmic Soul/eternal life, you May have Had the Moment where you thought, why do i suffer? What ist the purpose of my Life? Why wasn't life made, that noone Surfers?

Now when you think about it. If life would BE easy, would it be amazing or boring. You wouldn't suffer, but it would just be... Okay! So why do we suffer. It comes from within. That Feeling of not living Up to your Potential, of not being how you want to be. So actually it's the urge of your soul wanting to blossom within you.

In judaism, an offspring of egyptology you have the yetzer ha tov and the yetzer hara. The yetzer hara is the one that makes you suffer. It is your inner ego. But your ego is also you. If you are unhappy with yourself, you do evil. You steal and cheat, you are unsatisfied and jealous of Others, but only because you are Not happy with your own Situation. You want more. That urge is like the power of the sun (ra) burning through your skin and flesh. When your old skin is dry and dead, you either die with it, or you shed it like a snakess, being born anew, shining in your anointed glory. Or you stay rational like the moon (thoth/tov) but endure you inner suffering. Being rational is not Bad, it is like water, helping you cope with Situationsplan, but it is only the outer Torah (mind), a refliction of the Soul (Sol) within you. A Planet or chakra bathing in the light of the Innermost. So suffering is the means to become more! You have to endure it and force yourself to overcome it.

Have a nice day everyone ;)

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Comment by Enigma on May 28, 2018 at 1:06pm

"You have to endure it..."

Ain't that the truth. Take the pain.


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