Know Thyself
Author Unknown

Close my eyes and it begins
The world unfolds with hope within
Captured by the hidden rhaspody
Of which I wish I could always be
Ensnared in the feeling of hope
No longer needing to just cope
A circle cast amongst the star
From which my heart is never far
Calling upon the five elements' grace
Feeling as though I'm finally in place
Air, I call, come to me
The wind lifts me up and sets me free
Water, I plea, come to me
Comforting sounds of the ocean and sea
Earth, I shout, come to me
I taste the sweet gifts from a berry
Fire, I summon, come to me
Heat surges through and gives me energy
Spirit, I say, come to me
Suddenly- I know who is this 'me'

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Comment by Chelsie Scott on June 29, 2012 at 8:52pm

I love this! Great job!!!


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