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While out walking along the creek last night, I ran into a small pack of wild pigs. They are not the friendliest of creatures. In fact, I think they enjoy terrorizing people and other creatures. So, I just laid back and let them do their thing. They are very destructive to farms and terrain. Burrowing and rooting around for a variety of reasons. They will eat almost anything. In Texas it is open season, year-round hunting with no limits, but this has done little to stop such a reproductive machine. The sow gives birth about once a year, eight to ten is the usual count, but a birthing of a dozen happens about. They are intelligent beasts with a taste hard to quench. Those who plant corn, potatoes, rice, soybeans, sorghum, hay, melons, fruit, nuts, and even grass, will have a price to pay. The old wild pig is here to stay. Wild pig also has a great taste for meat. Livestock and eggs are on the menu so sweet. And even a human it will devour. All living things have their hour.

Many years ago, the pig was brought to the New World. Some of these wild pigs have ancestors that were once domesticated farm animals. Others have lines that have always been wild. Even the domesticated pig on the farm, has a wild gene from the distant past. Makes me think of people when they were hunters and gatherers roaming the Earth. Wild wholly creatures in their place of birth. Then the people became domesticated in a way. Will we again become wild if we ever have to face that day?

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Comment by Enigma on May 17, 2018 at 8:09pm

Yes, like to boys in the "Lord of the Flies."


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