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Wishing to Create, Conscious Manifestation, or, What You Should Really Be Concentrating On Instead Of Arguing Semantics With Others

     The road we must walk to achieve our goals can seem long and hard, leading to feelings of disillusion and discouragement. But each of us, through nothing more than the power of our thoughts, has somehow attracted certain people, things, and circumstances to ourselves that, although it may not have seemed like it at the time, might be exactly what was needed to manifest our desires and needs.


     The Universe works in mysterious ways, indeed, but we are not puppets. We create our realities, all the time, every day.


     It is all too easy to feel weary, undeserving, mundane, and ordinary, as thought there were no way in your reality to actually cause the Universe to give you what you want or need at any time, but this is simply not true. You can, and you do. You, like everything else you see and experience, are made up of vibrational energy, and your energy has the power to repel and attract other kinds of energy. By asserting your will to the Universe, by visualizing what you want, asking for it, and believing you deserve it, by setting goals and acting in accordance with them, you can and will achieve your heart's desire through conscious manifestation.


     This is part of how and why magick and the Law of Attraction works, tools and trappings aside.

     It's all about your Will. It always has been.

     Yes, really.


     The first thing you have to do is understand that no matter how your life has transpired and whatever mistakes you may think you've made along the way, you are -unconditionally worthy- of all the love, satisfaction, and prosperity you can conjure up. You are a synapse in the mind of God. You are a star and a conduit. Part of the reason the sun came up today was because of you. Part of the reason the world can and should continue beyond the times we now struggle in will be for the same reason.


     Next, if you have not already done so, learn to let go of any parts of the past which no longer serve, enhance or empower you. Some may find that they also need to do this with some portions of their present. It is not selfish to think of your own needs in this way, and never let anyone tell you differently.


     Now, explain to the Universe exactly how you would like you life to be, as a focal point. The Universe doesn't hear the words; they are tools, just like the items on your altar. Say it or write it down, and be as specific as possible. Don't worry about how the Universe will help make it happen; that's not your issue. Be affirmative, and the how will present itself.
     Here's where being able to visualize well is key. See the desire as if it was already there. See, feel, and act like it's already happening. Embrace the feelings this action inspires; invoke whom you will, and use whatever tools in ritual feel correct to you. Let all of this represent your true Will in the matter.

     Conscious manifestation may also be utilized in simple prayer and meditation.

     Do what works for you. Trust your instincts as a true inclination of your Will.

     You must always allow yourself to receive the love, abundance, and happiness that was meant for you in this life.


     ~*Blessed Be / Namaste / Never Thirst*~


     (portions of this have been borrowed from other written wisdoms and some have also been corrected for form. Thank You to any authors who may recognise their works threaded through this journal entry, and Bright Blessings to all gentle readers in all things.)




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