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BAD Energy will Bring you Down take your Day and leave you Bound B Y- the Feet wrists even Behind Your Back... But your light is strong this you know energy Fromthe light only continues to Grow... AS it Radiates FROM YOUR crown To .your Root Hitting all Seven now Rich in spiritual loot. we started o FF on BAD Holding you Back But light Defeats all as you manifest GOOD Sending all Bad StR8 Back I cant stress enough how important it is To meditate and The BAD You RID... Balance iskey To a spiritiUal Being like you me with The light and JUST seeing. to gaze upon mother EARTh so serine GRAB Your Broom there LOTS more mother EARTH is gleeming. with LIFE OFAll Differant sorts casting effective sustaining What is Yours... so look tothe light AS it Does NOT lie like a Sky watcher So EASY navigating the Night... Fly Fly AND Take it all in Because tomorrow 3 Hours past midnight you will surely Do it again For Now Ill go as this message Of BAlance is evenly wrote and BAD at a Challenge. CRYPTIC was here To Bring Forwarb This text are you wonderin and waiting For What I might have Next? POOF Im Gone


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