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Last time I blogged about knitting my own alter cloth.  It took me a while to finally find a simple pattern that I may only have to watch a youtube video on one particular stitch.  The next step on this journey is to get the yarns I will use for it.  This pattern can also be customized to make other things like dish cloths, placemats and even blankets.  This could work out well.  

I know that we are an earth based and earth conscious people, so if I use wool from sheep who are raised organically, would I be breaking a Karmic law?  Wool is a byproduct of sheep, after all.

I love using merino wool for almost all of my knitting because it is softer and more organic.  The sheep aren't being killed or mistreated, and I buy the yarns from sources that feed and love their animals as family.  

I read somewhere that sheering sheep for wool during the spring months is practical in warmer climates because it keeps them cool, clean and keeps parasites away since they cannot hide in the wool and get to the skin of the sheep. This is why I don't have a problem with using it for shawls, scarves, etc. Why waste something that isn't needed by the animal?

So the real question is concerning the use of it for my magickal tool since using merino wool for practical items is commonplace.

I am still reading and working my path from the beginning.  I love re-reading and reading about my magickal path. 

I picked up a few more books recently on Celtic Women's Spirituality, Runes, and Faery Craft.  I am excited by these books and am looking forward to getting into them.  They are on the stack next to my bed and couch as part of my daily read for an hour or two a day on my path.

I am getting back into the habit of writing in a Shadow Journal and committing everything to memory through the physical written word.  I will have to remember to incorporate that writing into my daily spiritual routine too.

Everything will come together in its own time and rediscovering this journey and walking the path again has been amazing so far!

If anyone has any suggestions on more books to enhance my journey, I will happily look into them and thank you for your wonderful support!

Blessed Be!

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Comment by Who? on August 20, 2018 at 2:46am

Creating your own Altar cloth from scratch will bring your own personal energies into your rites and rituals, far more effective than a shop bought mas produced item.

However, those without the skills to create their own Altar adornments and /or magical tools, have to purchase from a store of some sort, but I have always preferred and tried to make my own tools if at all possible, and over the past decades have served me well.

Best of luck with the project, I have heard of some UK Witches that have gathered the wool left on the barbed wire fences, carded it, cleaned it, and spun and woven magical cloth items from that, but that is purity in its extreme perhaps? :)

Comment by Raven Pegasus on August 20, 2018 at 11:34am

Thank you!  I just want to make sure that when I make the item it coincides with my path. 

You are correct about making my magical tool, it will be all me through and through.  I don't have more talent than that, except writing, so I may have to purchase other items as time goes on.  

Comment by Who? on August 21, 2018 at 2:39am

I would think that given a little thought time and your direction of writing Raven, that constructing Rituals would come easily to you?

Maybe theres a trade off there for some spellwork for those who cant write rituals easily for tools?

Comment by SunTiger on August 21, 2018 at 5:40pm

Keep on following your passions. Very cool project (knitting your own altar cloth). That is something your grandchildren will charish!

Comment by Raven Pegasus on August 22, 2018 at 11:02am
Thank you, SunTiger! I will do this and with love and trust, this particular pattern can be used many times over for various other things!
Comment by Raven Pegasus on August 29, 2018 at 2:43pm

Who, I think you could be right about the writing, but that would have to take some time and thought and maybe learning about the person(s) whom I would write Ritual for sine we are all unique and have our own paths and belief systems.  I would think a generic type of ritual wouldn't work even if it could be adapted by the person.  I would think that while writing, I would want to infuse a blessing into the creating engeries to aid my brothers and sisters in their path.


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