You know the answers to your questions and the answers are right in front of you.

While I had this on my mind I figured I would share this as it is just coming to me as well as things I learned from experience.. the hard way.... :)

I realize a lot of our questions we ask we already know the answer to we just don't see it. If we look back at our own questions we have to ask others for guidance or for growth whatever the reason not that it's a bad thing to we can see the answer to that question is really us. We can be our own enemy and most times our worse.

We let our ego/identification get attached to finding out our answer not stepping outside of ourselves we never see it what's there in front of us. When we step out of ourselves, reality, your environment will reveal the answers you seek around you.

When in a place you have never been knowing where to go is unknown as you have never been. When you start trying to find where to go, to get what you need your lost and have to ask for answers and guidance to get there. This is because your trying. You are in the way.

If you stop and look reality around you will show you where to go. The signs you need to see. Most of them are the same as places you have been maybe look different, different people, it's all the same initially.

We can ask questions about our future and get readings which can be helpful no doubt but at the end of the day you can change that because of your actions and choices.

You decide your future. Your actions from the past got you where you are now that you created in your past. If you want your life to change you will have to change these actions and choices. If your fine where you are then stay there. If it could be better than then don't settle for less when you can grow even more.

But if you want things in your life, if you want to be the best at your practice, spirit keeping, hobby etc... your going to have to find and do whatever it is to master that craft of yours and even try things that might help even if you don't want to or aren't sure. Because you hold yourself back nobody is but you.

Take life into your own hands. Make your own destiny. Don't fully rely upon a reading or something to decide your fate as it is only based at the level of vibrational state that you currently reside in now. Because you have the power of fate in your own hands to turn the tides through the tools of faith, perseverance, will, and power to change your life and your circumstances.

Readings can be write and a tool to guide you based on where your at now if you stay there but they can also show you what to work on and change even how you can change that fate.

The reason why I used readings had nothing to do here with TEC but as an example of helping those who want to understand what I am saying better and hope something can be gained from it.

Don't let negative pasts and traumas, or situations your in currently control your life. Don't let them hold you back and bring you down. You are the greatest and most intelligent powerful creature on this earth. You have intelligence, power, will, desire, a mind, free will to help you grow and the ability to grow if you use it.

Don't waste it.

People such as the Buddha if you read his story went through much good in life and in much suffering through seeing others in suffering and suffering to change himself and help others. He tried many things and never gave up. He reached his full potential to show you that you can to.

You know everything you have ever been through. You know everything you do and have done in your life even what you are doing now.

Don't anyone know you better than yourself. Nobody knows your heart but you and what you really feel and think. If you really meant to do wrong or good. Only you know these things. So when you have questions in your life you want answered you can find them through these things. If not you have the ability to find them as you have found answers in the past you can find them in the future because they are all coming from you and are you.

Ultimately you are the answer that you seek. You just let your identity and ego block yourself from seeing it by getting in the way.

Learn to see beyond words and images not letting them put fear into you or cause emotions to stir in you. Detach from them. Don't listen to others words block them out. So you can see the truth to what you seek.

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