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I know that at least 99% of people in the United States has recieved phone calls about thier warranty on thier car. My phone rings off the hook with junk like this one.
Well I had had a very bad day this past week so I answered the call and decided to call the number. Not that my car has a warranty but mainly because I had been bothered all day by other peoples foolishness and I was feeling a little mean.
The phone rang and a young sounding man answered the phone. I explained that I was returning a call concerning my car warranty. I explained that my van was used and was a 1993 model and I was pretty sure it had been out of warranty for about 12 yrs.
He asked"Are you interested in a warranty package for your van?"
I asked "It"s not to old?"
He returns"No. I think we can work up something for you."
He tells me he needs to get some information on me so I cooperate until he request my SS#, then I say " I won"t to see what you have to offer before I go that far.", He was quite willing to do just that telling me my van had just missed the deadline.
I say "That's Good!
Now I had no intention of taking out a warranty I just wanted to mess with these Phone Happy,Cheerful Sounding people that only ring the phone when your on the toilet, in the tub or asleep.
He begins to question me about my van .
Him: "How many miles are on your vehicle?'
Me: " I think about 185,000."
Him: "Does it run pretty well?'
Me" Runs Great! Although it has a little mechanical problem right now."
Him "Oh." "What is wrong with it?'
Me" Well, it is jacked up with the transmission laying on the ground under it and it was making a really annoying pecking sound when it cranks up, but that goes away when I PUT A COUPLE OF QUARTS OF OIL IN IT! I also have a bald tire on the right front because I knocked the front end out of line when I ran off the road and hit a big hole. I was trying to dodge that dad gum possum. My back right window is knocked out because my neighbor shot it out last weekend trying to shoot his wife and he accidentally shot my window. The drivers side back tail light is knock out but it didn't work anyway and the passenger side tail light has red tape across it but it works good. Then the passenger side door has been welded back on and it sets kind of whopped sided just enough that it wets the seat everytime it rains. Oh Yeah, My neighbors cat sprayed it." "Does this warranty cover detailing?"
CLICK! Line goes dead.

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Comment by Willow Moon on October 30, 2009 at 11:17pm
My Aunt Mary would've loved you! When she got calls soliciting donations, she'd say, "Just a minute." and then yell into the air, "HONEY? HAS THE WELFARE CHECK COME IN YET?!" By the time she got back on the phone, no one would be there.


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