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PaganSpace will always be FREE to join! We welcome Pagans, Wiccans, Heathens, Luciferians, Satanists, LaVeyans, Occultists, Atheists, Druids,
 Shamans, Healers, Buddhists, Spiritual Mystics, Seekers, Wanderers, Freethinkers..
We welcome all those who are firm in their beliefs.
We also welcome those who may be questioning their current path,
that are searching for a new way to nourish their souls..
Please be respectful, well mannered & civil at all times.
Find and even meet others locally or globally depending on your choice. We encourage participation and interaction in our Groups, News Feeds and with Topics.
Conversations gather to discuss the Book of Shadows & Grimoire, Herbs & Natural Healing, Astrology & Numerology, Free Psychic Readings, the Occult and the Cosmos.
Get together with friends and share Recipes, Gardening, Plants, Seeds, Harvesting, DIY Crafts and Projects, Gods & Goddesses, share Selfies, find Pen Pals, enjoy Dark Occult and Vampiric Art, Animals & Landscape Art, Fantasy & Fae Art, Crystals, Crystals Grids, learn about Frequency, Vibration, Chakras and Healing, learn about Astrology, Horoscopes, Spirit Animals and Totems, and if you need some cackling witchy humor,
join our MadHatters Tea Party Humor group.
We are powered by the #1 Pagan social network in the world.
We are the one and only PAGANSPACE - See you soon!

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Our membership benefits include but not limited to:

~Always FREE memberships~

~No Advertisements~

~Exclusive access to like-minded individuals~

~Stable & Secure platform~

All beliefs in many groups:
Pagans Wiccans Heathens Luciferians Satanists Druids
Psychics Shamans Healers Buddhists Reiki Freethinkers

~Find local individuals~
~Stay in touch with live and online events~

~Run your own community inside~

Hello, everyone! Welcome to PaganSpace!
We ask all of you to share this wonderful community with anyone you believe would benefit from and enjoy being part of our community.
We encourage our members to enjoy in daily, nightly and weekend participation, in creative conversation in open our open dialogue platform, in groups or live events.
Anyone can create their own Group for which they can grow their own Online Community, where members can buy, sell and trade handcrafted items
and share their gifts and talents.
PaganSpace is and always will be FREE TO JOIN.
Yes we do charge for creating a Group. We have found that those who have paid a minimum fee to create their own Group are more likely to have more active participation on an ongoing daily basis,
rather than creating a Group and just letting it run itself.
We have full time Admins, Hosts and Moderators,
to ensure a peaceful, safe and secure environment for all within our platform.
Please tell your family, tell your friends, PaganSpace,
a place that you can be Pagan, be yourself and enjoy your journey!
Thank you for being here with us.
Best Regards, from me - Kai (owner) our Hosts, Admins & Moderators.
May you find insight, knowledge and peace,
may you become wiser with the passing of each day and night..
Blessed Be, Blessings, Namaste -)O(-

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