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Seems a good place to drop this link. Fascinating, the magickal properties of this plant.
Oh, and everyone participating remember to have some extra for Tom Petty. This is our first year since his Last Dance after all.

A tweet stated that Queen Victoria indulge for medicinal reasons.

Brian Krassenstein

19 hours ago

BREAKING: The City of Seattle has just filed a motion to vacate all convictions & drop all charges for marijuana possession for anyone arrested in the city over the last 30 years!!

Finally some justice!

That information is FALSE , as far as the origin of 420 :

In Hebrew Gematria :

420 = Peaceful

420 = Smoke Or Vapor

It was Jewish College Kids who knew this , who came up with the idea

I really wish the modern day stoners would do some real research , and

quit believing these urban legends that have been circulating for years ,

like the "alligators in the New York sewers" stories ;

I rarely smoke these days , but I have grown it in recent years , medically ,

and know how weak it is compared to what we smoked in the late 1960's ,

and 1970's , where *One* joint got 17 people high , laughing their asses off ,

or knocked them out...

Another urban legend is the herb today is stronger than what we had , in the

San Francisco Bay Area at those times ;

Not all was that strong , by far...but what we got ahold of , or ( brought in ) ,

from Africa , Thailand , Hawaii , Colombia , Oaxaca , Panama , etc...

was far stronger , we just did not have the same equipment to test it...

And I live , and work in the Emerald Triangle of Northern California , as

I have for longer than many have been alive , so I am well aware what

is around...I see it all the time , and many times there is so much , you

can't even give it away...

So , younger some research , do not believe modern stories !


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