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After vast research and consideration, I've decided to move to Washington next summer and be done with Kentucky for good. I like Louisville and all, but oh my allergies...!!! The rednecks here are no picnic either. 

So yeah, I'm headed to Olympia next summer. Any witches up thataway? Tell me about your life in Washington State or in Olympia! Post pics of what you hold dear there!

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We lived in WA for over a decade and have recently moved to AZ, so I still have quite a few contacts in the community there. What sort of community experience are you looking for? Coven, pagan gatherings, workshops, stores, etc?

Well, I guess some sort of group that meets up on a regular basis so I have a way to make friends when we get there. I'm very intrepid, but I do have this nagging fear of being 'the new girl in town'---totally alone with no emotional support from anyone in an unfamiliar place. I've been solitary for a long time, so the idea of becoming part of a Coven makes me clam-up just a bit. So, groups and gatherings are what I'm after, I suppose. 

Do you like the cold and the rain?... seriously, not a lot to the Summer their...

Oh, and you will find plenty of rednecks there, especially if you like to get out in nature...

But having looked at your profile, you should fit into Olympia fairly well...

So what drew to Olywa specifically?...

Specifically, my allergies. Louisville is in the Ohio Valley and it's terrible here... We have a lot of pollen and pollution and it all STAYS here. The humidity is surreal, too. I mean today it was 90* with high humidity. Unbearable! 

I have a CDL and am an experienced school bus driver, so I can take my career anywhere. I chose Olympia because it's clean and pretty, a smaller city with all the cultural elements of a big city and the school districts there pay their bus drivers well. I'd get to keep my same rate of pay. 

Olywa has everything you mention minus the high humidity (which is a bonus, I spent the past several years in GA, Holy Gods HIGH Humidity), pollution, pollen/allergens... although it rains a lot... did I mention the rain?...   ;)

I know there's pollen and stuff in Oly, but it's not in a valley... Here, we have ridiculously copious amounts of it and it STAYS here because we're in a valley... My allergist said that the pacific NW is the best place for people like me who need some relief. 

I've lived here in WA for 2 years and am looking for groups just as you are!  I moved here for the Ocean and the Forest-I felt it would be a great fit, unfortunately, we were in Texas on an Army base and dropped here...I'm not far from Oly, but would love to move there or somewhere in the Peninsula!

Feels pretty hot here to me a lot of the time!  I'm new here though, also!  Have yet to find many gatherings or anything! 2 years and not a person I could call a friend!

I've been in WA since 2001. It's a pretty great state, but don't get used to what little warm/sunny days we get here. It's few and far between. It's a great state if you enjoy hikes, cloudy skies and rain, though. Also our beaches are kind of terrible. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Burfoot Park beach, it's definitely the best in WA imo. But it's got nothing on the nice, warm sunny and fine sandy beaches like in Florida, for example. Our beach shores are very rocky. 

As with anywhere, I imagine... one needs to be wary of the manipulative types... WA has their fair share...

Do you actually live in Washington or just voicing your opinion? 

I was born and raised in Olywa... but now live elsewhere... 


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