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Back before 2012 people was getting infected by this odd virus. ZEKA or something like it. I remember my family coming down with the same symptoms that lasted exactly two weeks, where it hits you hard the first week and the second week you start to recover.

Suddenly I got hit by this virus, which I was thinking at first well maybe or maybe not.  At first it hit me similar then it took a different turn. My body started to ache, I couldn't eat or practically drink anything, it was as if I had no interests in food or water. Seemed this virus was not as similar as I thought. Everyone went to work telling me if anything to call them and I was plastered to the bed. Hours later I didn't realize I was out , I woke up wondering what the fuck just happened to me. I felt light as a feather and cold to the touch. I felt different, very different.

I decided to get up and I couldn't. I had to fight to get up, my whole body started to shake uncontrollably, so I sat for awhile thinking. I wasn't thirsty or hungry at all, which was odd because I haven't ate or drink anything for over a day, and I never threw up or have diarrhea, not once.

Later my husband called me and I told him my whole experience , he got scared wanting to take me to the hospital but I felt great, there was no pain anymore. At that moment I told him in a joking manner, I think I died!

I finally got up having to use the washroom still having the shakes but yet feeling like a feather. it was so odd.

Weeks later my finger nails started to grow faster and sharper. My health was unbelievable, my memory was far greater, but it seems my memory came in with someone else's, like if I'm someone else but then me too. It's hard to explain but that's what I was experiencing. My dreams changed also, dreaming being from another world then disappearing feeling as if I'm being pulled through darkness, not having no control what was happening. My thinking changed, thinking in code, cryptic like.

Did you ever experienced anything similar to what I went through?

I watched this series with tons of messages I have become attracted to. Its a very good series with an epic ending. I figured I post it with my story even though I'm not a serial killer lol. But story is awesome.

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That will open up new doorways.

It's a great testimonial for a personal transformation that does not fit someone else's dogma or paradigm of the way things should be.


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