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What do you think about the rumors of all the animals dying,the quakes and the volcanoes being caused by the governments??Youtube is full of ppl spreading stuff on this what do you think??? Or is the Mother and Father just really peeved off???

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Wow, you have a way with words.

So here are my thoughts about on the environmental disasters:

  • Powerlines do kill large birds, but more importantly the ultraviolet flashes around powerlines disrupt animal migration paths.
  • The HAARP is probably causing some disturbance among the animal population though it’s hard to tell from outside what all the side affects are. I don’t think its causing earthquakes. That’s a little over the top. However, it's been proven that Fracking does cause earthquakes.
  • Global Warming on the other hand is already causing mass extinctions and by reducing the conduction of heat through the crust may be increasing the frequency of volcanic activity. However, that’s not a scientific assessment just an engineer’s guess.
  • The Dinosaurs blamed it on an asteroid.
  • It’s all us. We’re living in an unsustainable way and at an unsustainable power level. Eventually the whole thing is going to come crashing down and may take us all with it.

About Government involvement:

  • Never impute to coordinated malice what one can best explain by mutual stupidity.
    —Derived from Hanlon’s Razor
  • Large human organizations, especially bureaucratic ones, can barely do their public job let alone a whole extra one executed flawlessly in secret. This is especially true in the era of The Beast.
  • Most governments follow a “sunk cost” strategy, which means they keep doing the same stupid thing until it kills us all, because they put too much effort into it to stop now.

Here's an interesting article which is "almost" correct:

The only problem with this article is that toward the end the author implies that we get to choose what does and does not survive. We don't get that choice at all. We don't even get to choose if we survive. We do get to choose if we live in a sustainable manner or drive our civilization to edge of collapse.


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