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Do any of you know or have experienced in your regular day to day life a pull on your energy or a push? Multiple times I have experienced this and it shakes me to the core every time and I KNOW there is someone like me close by. In a discussion on here I realized just how rare someone with this particular gift is... I have never met anyone that can manipulate energy to the effects that I can but I have met my polar opposite and she can take energy... Can all of you sense something like this or is it specifically to energy casters?

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any cool examples?

None are really "cool" examples it's all in normal everyday life so once I was in line at the checkout and just felt something and it was coming from a redheaded girl about three checkouts down and when I looked up she whipped her head up and stared right at me like she felt an energy difference like I did...

Yes I can feel energy signatures and I can see them also..not with everyone though, it depends on the person and how Ive connected with must be just certain types of energy casters that are able to connect in this way as not everyone can do it,though I have the condition termed as Synesthesia  and this is the reason plus I'm a highly energetic person or termed as a SLider. [google it]

I'm also told often from others I'm in connection with, that they feel slight electrical pulsing inside them when the conversations we are having really are flowing nicely back n forth,some even have said they felt they were in the throws of a soul merg... this I've always known as the term of the 'sharing of Chi/Qi/Prana breath',.all names for the primordial energy which permeates all things and collects in higher amounts in sentient beings.this link may interest you HERE ..Oh before I forget I'm Sorry I missed you PM hello chat Kasey I must have left myself signed into the site and went out leaving my PC on..just acknowledging it though now..

Yes it happens to me sometime as well almost like we resonate on the same energy level. Or that they can feel and manipulate energy as well


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