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Everything is without meaning, and that's alright

There is inherently no meaning in life

Camus says the only worthwhile philosophical question, is that of suicide. 

But not even he could think his own logic through to the end, he too leaps and gives meaning, claiming that the one is more worthwhile than the other. 

This is no praising of suicide, mind you. It is just so that inherently, there is no difference between the two in the aspect of meaning. 

Accepting this, is as if wandering through a great desert, forever thirsty, but with water within reach at all times. Drinking the water does not alleviate the problem, but it deadens the suffering. 

In lieu of the fact that the transcendant is gone, and we are in the times of Kali Yuga, what is one to do ? 

Well, nothing. All choices and "meanings" are viable, not because of equal merit, but rather in equal lack thereof. 

The hoax is this, accepting meaninglessness and denying it are both equally acceptable. 

Yet neither can truly reveal the state. 

It takes a most virile heart to thread the desert and deny succor within reach. 

For taking it, is merely stuffing the hole of the heart with filler, it is a hole that cannot be filled.

What is the sound of one hand clapping ? 

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We can apply meaning to it, like in Minecraft.

I think I can conceive of this. Lately I found my life so meaningless. If death knocked on the door, I'd say, "Okay. Sure. Let's go." Because there's no meaningful reason for me to stay. And I feel like the afterlife is a hell of a lot better than this. 

Then I'm afraid you may have missed the point. The point is that life or death are equal intellectually, one is no more desireable than the other. Or afterlife for that matter. 

There is no question that death takes place before the "ultimate experience", desirable or not, where liberation can finally manifest. This is a decision that everyone has to make for themselves, whether this dimension is right for them or some other. 

This is very common ideology in esoteric Buddhism. If I were to meet Buddha in person, this is what I would tell him;

Meaningless is meaninglessness, for the Buddha, or anyone else. If the Buddha thinks that everything has no meaning, that is the Buddha's opinion, because the Buddha admittedly speaks for no higher opinion, rather than his own, which he deems be an enlightened one. 

If the Buddha hears only one hand clapping, what he's telling you is that any and all objective reality, is meaningless, at least as far as he's concerned. And if no one believes him, then he is nothing more than a lost ship. What he thinks of those who don't believe him, is irrelevant, at least to those who don't believe him.

That said, It is my opinion for a long time that this kind of "philosophy" was never designed for the objective minded western materialist, which has been programmed to be materialist.  Clearly, because the origins of it involved no contact with the west. The westerner doesn't need anyone from the east to tell him that his reality is a joke, because that is all relative. It was only the westerner who individually eventually decided for themselves whether to employ it, or not.

So, assuming you are an ascetic who lives in cave somewhere, then meaninglessness takes on a whole new "meaning"


In Information Theory the amount of content in a signal, the amount of 'meaning' in a message, is measured by the amount of Information Entropy in the signal. Information Entropy is also used to measure the amount of entanglement in space-time. Mathematically, if you remove all the entanglement between two areas of space-time, they cease to exist. So, if you remove all the meaning from the universe it dissolves. The fact that space-time exists, that you are here at all, implies that there is meaning in the universe. Otherwise, it would cease to exist. Of course, this also implies that the amount of 'meaning' in the universe is, in theory, measurable, which should freak you out.

"... should freak you out."

That is freaky stuff.

"Mathematically, if you remove all the entanglement between two areas of space-time, they cease to exist. So, if you remove all the meaning from the universe it dissolves."

ha ha ha, precisely!

There's obviously more than one way to illustrate a point!

By "entanglement" I think you mean relationship, as everything is defined by its relationship with all else.  With that understanding, your comment makes sense to me.  Further, I think it proves that all of perceived reality exists only because of Meaning.  And since reality is perceived, Meaning is therefore a fundamental requirement of existence.

Personally, I think my awareness is the source of my reality, and where our individual perceptions coincide comprises the whole of what we agree to be Reality.  I also think we create our own divinity through self-awareness.

Thank you, Medb, Dave and Enigma.

Thinking about people who are successful and go out and hang themselves in luxury hotels and apartments. Some people may feel the need to experience death prematurely. However, life is valuable if for nothing else, in a six part series.

One is that it does not fit the category of a "thing" in a sense that it lives, and in some cases, breaths, and in all cases, has some form of continuance in reproduction. That makes it inherently special in and of itself, as being unique to all other things in existence, that possesses consciousness.

Two, It is disengenous to take something that uniquely possesses consciousness, which again uniquely gives the human organism the ability to percieve and process subjectivity, and deny it the right of objectivity.

Three, even though is not finite in our mortal existence, those who feel emotionally cheated or violated in some way, may feel lesser value, or no value at all.

Four, is that life has meaning simply because we exist, and that's alright too! Even though we did not create the process that allows for it's existence.

Five, is that some people think that life, as well as all objective reality is meaningless, or illusory. Objectivity cannot be denied, but it can be the opinion of someone that it does not exist, or is meaningless, and that's alright too!

Six, death is not objective in a three dimensional sense, but it still exists as some form of continuance of self conscious existence, but requires life to initiate.

What would you do if you lost access to your Italian food?

It has always been my understanding that life is held as more valuble because it is limited. When you have only a small amount of something, it becomes more valuble. Objectively, life and death are equal in quality, but not in quantity.

With regards to meaning in general, I agree that there is no inherent meaning, and it is down to us to create our own meaning within the framework of life. The Minecraft comment was so spot on, that just made my day :)


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