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I have a couple in my small town that is giving me the EVIL EYE constantly. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get them away ? I always see them on the bus and there is no other route for me to get to my college?

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Be creepy and follow them to their house. That always works.

Wear some mirror sunglasses. When they look at you they will see themselves.

If you think this individual is stronger than you,  a mirror might be interesting if you can aim it in the right direction, ie back at them, ha ha ha!

Do NOT follow them, as has been suggested. They may think you are stalking them and you could find yourself receiving a restraining order. How will you get to college then?

Wearing mirror sunglasses is a MUCH better idea. It is simple, effective and legal.

Why do you think they are giving you the "evil eye"?

We live in a world where no real 'psychic defense police force' exists. There are a vast array of crimes and evils that occur regularly. Psychic rape, feeding, manipulation, and possession being a few among their number. Often times, a human being is not the true mastermind behind a given attack, even when it appears the attack is coming from one. Generally, a human being is merely a 'willing' or 'unwilling' vessel, regardless whether they be taking the role of either psychic attacker or attacked. The true essence of what transpires, rarely finds causality at the level of surface appearance.

In any event, there are innumerable ways to effectively handle psychic attack. Here are a few:

One method is the more obvious, learn to psychically defend against an attack by overpowering them with your own telekinetic-telepathic energy force. Of course, this requires both the knowledge of how to do this, as well as the actual functioning power to do so, not just merely the latent potential. Not everyone is aware of how to hone such ability, or possesses realistic prospect to attain sufficient power to compete with someone who may be genuinely seasoned in their own right.

I don't know the level of who or what you are dealing with, so I cannot say how effective this method may be; I suspect you may be a softer or less experienced individual, so I will give another potential method:

Magnetic jewelry is your best bet for a lasting 'easy fix.' Magnets create a psychic and electromagnetic protection field that will aid you in dealing with anything from environmental radiation to energy warfare and psychic attack. (from human forces or otherwise)

There are yet other methods for the development of a sufficiently protective energy field, such as meditating the aura into an energetic attunement and intensity wherein the psychic predator can no longer meaningfully affect you. However it is not realistic to suggest such a method as a 'quick fix' so much as a long term one that will require devotion and conviction. Most individuals take many years to have even basic success with this or related approaches.

You’ll figure out something.

There is a fair amount of readily available advice out there that can be used as ammunition against the "malocchio". The effectiveness of your response will depend on your own strength to deal with it. This is real, and it can be a dangerous psychic game, also designed to psyche you out, or terrorize you. That should never be underestimated. But no fear...
I always like the idea of a direct psychological counter attack, with a device or via your own "malocchio" toward the intended target. It may set them off balance psychologically.
The only issue might be how they would physically react to that.
In a pragmatic sense, carrying a weapon is not a bad idea either, if it is legal, just for a little insurance. This can also be a precarious thing to deal with. But the always top heavy prevailing question is why they are targeting you to begin with?
Extra work might also be needed if they persist, or if they might be dangerous.


Do a protection spell and if you can, wear one of these openly:

So who are these two you’re talking about. Guy/Girl, an old stinky lady?

Its a mentally retarded man and his wife, they are very very loud and they always get into everyones conversation.

Ah, they’re nothing but losers. Don’t pay attention to them. 


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