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PAST HISTORY-Hail Ram Deities-So Cal Gets NFL Return-20 Years

20 years without a football team and we will still wait.

I'd like to thank the Pagan prayer resonances to some sheep ram deities or their related animal that I make daily with my devotions.

A nod to the ram vehicle riding Lord Agni (Hindu sacred fire patron), the Bighorn sheep ram totem of Lord Kokopelli of Southwest USA native aborigines. A wave to Egyptian Banebdjedet, ram Lord of fertility, desire, soul judgement that would later be identified by the Hellenic greeks with Pan and the city of Mendes, also Eliphas Levi, Baphomet.  

Blast from the past with economic and social politics all around.

Los Angeles (So Cal), the massive 2nd largest USA city and a multiracial megalopolis (with a gigantic mid eastern demographic with open Muslims, Donald Trump), is getting it's original football team back since 1995 that relocated to St. Louis, MO.

The team is slated to play in 2019 or 2018 once the new stadium is built in the south central city of Inglewood.

Mixed news reports say that the historical L.A. COLLUSIUM that sported the 1984 Olympics Games will be used for the Rams until the new venue is built.  The financially broken Hollywood Park horse race track is the land location.

The corporate news media hasn't gone into other factors that affected the NFL decision to move their team from L.A., but as I recall as a resident and the local news problems, the turbulent 1990's gave the corps the sense that L.A. was an unstable sports and business climate, this after the 1992 rodney King beating verdict riots, the mass wildfires and 2nd King Beating trial in 1993, the explosive 1994 re election of the GOP state governor and his dealings with L.A. as well as the OJ Simpson 1994-95 case and trial(s), by 1995, the NFL took the Rams packing to St. Louis, MO to a sparse lackluster performance legacy. 

The Rams will get a different loyalty and reception, plus IT DOESN'T SNOW OR DEAL WITH HURRICANES IN L.A.!  

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dude. lets do it

I have some old cowboy movies sporting Roman Gabriel, Merlin Olsen, and Rosie Greer.

The Rams never should have left LA to begin with.... Now that they have rebuilt the team a bit, the reputation of the old LA Rams might just begin to be resurrected.

Please, leave the fucking Raiders in Oakland! Let's have some common dignity, here...



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