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Hey everyone, I'm back from a long absence... Last I posted about feeling off from the energies surrounding me especially after the last full moon in August, it had me completely shut down for a long while, I discovered the reason though. An ex of mine was and as far as I can tell still hexing me it took me a couple weeks before I realized I had felt this way before and whom it came from. She didn't like that I recently got married and took it out on me... She's a very dark practitioner and will get hers times three. The harder she tries to get past my boundaries the more it will hurt in the long run. Blessed be my friends

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Glad you’re back Kasey. I understand it can be difficult findings a good way to deal with people from your past especially those you let in that close. The funny thing is that she’s not happy about you getting hitched because in one way or another she cares. For her the logical thing to do was to hex you. Sadly she’ll have to deal with her choices. Congratulations by the way wishing you a life time of happiness. 

welcome back Kasey :)


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