Let’s get to know each other, share with us. A quote, song, image, paragraph, whatever you like that gives us a glimpse into your world.

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Sometimes when I’m feeling off I’ll find different ways to help me get through it. Yesterday I listened to 10 years their album living as ghosts is simply amazing. It has everything, lyrics, vocals, instruments, it’s all there. From the first song to the last song you can’t help but to love it, relate and look at the bigger picture.

Nuggets you say!

"Say what one more time m***********! I dare you!" :D :D

You're suppose to drop a nugget. 

Or quote; this is a quote :)

Fair enough lol.

When I am gone, my dear ones,

Sing your songs for me...

Plant thou roses at my feet,

And shady willow trees.

Be the green grass above me,

with showers, dewdrops wet...

Happily may you remember,

and happily may you forget.

I will not hear the thunder,

I will not feel the rain...

I will not hear the mocking bird,

singing on in vain.

And gliding through the twilight,

that doth not rise nor set,

Happily may you remember,

and happily may you forget. 

Nice **Thumbs Up**

Hope everyone have an awesome 4th Of July:)

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I don't know about that; this sounds an awful lot like something a member of the Reptilian Vanguard would say... :)


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