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Hey all,

I haven't been on in a while, but today I was thinking I'd like to see the pagan name anagrams that Nephele did up for me last year. I can't seem to find the post anywhere, did it get deleted? Is Nephele still around?

Thank you!

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Oh, yeah, I remember those days.  I just ended up posting whatever I wanted and ignoring comments from certain individuals who trolled me a lot.  Paganspace does say, "Last Reply by X." 

I would just go, "Oh, it's the person who trolls me a lot. I'm going to go watch a movie, instead."   In the end, I never actually read any of that.  I ended up being blissfully ignorant to what was being said or what was going on. 

Also, I ended up taking pleasure of people wasting their time on me with comments that I didn't even bother to read.  

(Normally, I do try to actually read all the comments, but if comments are just going to be trolling me. What's the point? I got better things to do with my time.) 

Paganism, particularly ancient, but also modern, has a lot to do with politics. Satanic panic for example and the old witchcraft laws. Banning such would be disastrous. Anyway, Neph was one of the older members here, probably been around the same time I have.  She knew the game. She participated in the discussion, and she had been participating in political discussions for along time.

That said, I am actually disheartened to see her and Rose leave. I enjoyed both of their postings.

I just logged in for the first time in months to see if Nephele could help me with an anagram.  Seems I missed a lot of action here, too.

I have nothing but support for Nephele. She's smart, kind, conscious, and I've never known her to slight someone at all, let a lone, for no reason. 

I would like to hear from my friend Nephele.


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