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Does anyone know any Luciferian books on scribd reading subscription. ive tried googling books on the path but everything comes up satanist which i know isn't the same as luciferian witchcraft. any help?

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The only major author on that subject is Michael Ford. He has numerous books on the subject, many are hard to follow because they go off all over the place, lol, but his best was, "Book of The Witch Moon."

If you wish, you can try his first one called, "Luciferian Witchcraft," but as I said, hard to follow and Michael is a HUGE Satanist.

Other than that, not too many other good works on the subject that you'll find on Amazon etc. But some websites have some truly dark old books online. Try googling Old Magickal Texts, you'll be surprised what you find. 

I have to have an ebook cause my family is christians theyed burn anything related to lucifer cause theyre kinda strange. But ill look for old magickal texts thanks.

I used to have links saved a couple of PC's ago, lol, but I'll see if I can find them again for you.

Thanks so much


Maybe this will be of some use to you Tiffany?



Here's one link to Michael Ford's works to get you started :

For anyone who is of interest, look for books written by Asenath Mason, on this specific topic, that are widely available. You can also get on her e mail list for updated news on her material as it evolves


Michael Ford is also an excellent resource.


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