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I realized something based on the birthdays of my Mother, Father, and Me, Mom's was 1/26 Dads was 2/7 mine is 2/27.

based on the obvious numerical pattern I became curious to discover if any other families had a similar pattern.  if other families had such a pattern in birthdays of parents and children then we could easily discover with one simple question whether the person we are interested in is the one we are meant to have children with .

Has anyone on here ever noticed such a pattern? let me show you what I mean: Mom January 26(1/26) Dad February 7(2/7) Me February 27(2/27) 1 plus 26 is 27 and 2/7 without the slash mark is 27 and Dad and I both were born in the 2nd month of the year (February)

Everyone who reads this please think about it and get back to me on this because it seems unlikely to me that I would be singled out to have a pattern to deaths in my family(Dad Seotwmber 22 1989, My Grandmother September 23 2003 and Mom October 12 2017) and a pattern in birthdays of Mom Dad and Me since I believe everything happens for a reason.

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My younger brother and I have and interesting numerology about our birthyear. My birthyear is 89, his is 96. If you place 89 over 96 it produces the digits 89 and 96 both vertically and horizontally( from top to bottom & left to right) But it only produces this effect if I put my year on top and his on bottom. Though I was born first so it makes since in a manner of thinking to put me on top. But many Numerological revelations are based on specific conditions of pattern recognition and assessment.

perhaps you are right but how many people have birthdays that are correlated with that of both parents 1 plus 26(january 26)adds to 27 February 7(2/7) take away the slash is 27 a direct combination is 2/27. this is what I was asking about.
I made the post earlier because there seems to be two numerical patterns that have effected my life the direct combinatio of my parents birthdays and a 13 year cycle of deaths descending from My Father,My Grandmother and finally My Mother. Between My Fathers death and My Grandmothers is a 13 years and 1 day cycle between My Grandmother ans My Mothers death 13 years and 18 days. As I stated earlier I find it quite unlikely such patterns would occur only in my life. thats why I wrote the post about the pattern I saw I want to know for certain whether this kind of pattern is localized upon my own life or a universal pattern.

There's a pattern in my immediate family, too. Taking the birth day, we have 1234. 

Pattern I've noticed:

If you're born in September, your parents were having sex for Xmas.

If you're born in October, your parents were having sex for New Years.

If you're born in November,  your parents were having sex for Valentine's day.


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