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May I ask how often you need to cleanse gemstones you wear and work intensly ?? I cleans them twice a day in the morning and in the evening :) Don't want to overdo it. 

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Yes I feel sun and moon tome is good... Doesn't that sound silly? Lol

Yup, nice actual same way of seeyig it

I keep my crystals in a bag full of lavender flowers, which I like to think preserves their purity... I only cleanse them when I feel they need it, in which case I will have a ritual bath with them, or for ones sensitive to water, place them near a fire and let them sit on my windowsill overnight. 

Nice :) don't have a fireplace ;/

I generally only cleanse mine when I first get them, or if they feel like they need it. 

I'm lazy with mine. I run reiki thru it constantly so it never needs charged or cleansing. There are 1 million ways to think about it, but it depends on the castor, you should do what you think.

Like Verdandi, I cleanse mine when I first them them and when I feel drawn to when they need it. I do mine with moonlight and sunlight, and with Beltane water that I collected.

Crystals are empty after being cleaned, and need to be recharged for at least a day, such as in the sunshine. After that, you can program them however you like by holding them and getting a feel of them, while making it clear what you are asking them to help you with. You can then use them for that purpose whenever you like.

This process should be repeated before use on a new person, or after being reguarly used for a week or so.

As you're wearing them, they'll be getting mild constant use, so maybe clean and charge them every week or so.

So, there's three stages;

1)To clean crystals, there's various methods. The main ones I know are to leave the crystals in salt water overnight, being careful not to touch the water; to run the crystals in clean running water, such as in a stream or river; and burning herbs or insense.

2)The crystals then need charging, or they remain void of any energy. You can bury the crystal in frsh healthy soil overnight; leave in direct sunlight for at least a day; and leave in direct moonlight for at least one night.

3)Program the crystals by meditating lightly while holding them for around three to five minutes, getting a feel for them and politely asking them to help you and specify how you want them to help you.

Hope this helps ^_^

Tend to agree with 'Who' > "realistically if we took time to clean and purify our crystals...etc we would have bugger all time in the day to do much else".

 There are sooooo many schools of thought with regards to Crystals...the do's and dont's (as is with nearly every Spiritual topic out there).....and the information runs from a broad perspective, to that of a closed door..."Do or else" practice!

I also find that often enough it is the type of Teacher/Master you have had in what is what - and how that seemingly rolls with where you are now...

I have an extreme collection of Crystals - many used for Healing, in the Shaman activities, for and against Spirits, Energies etc, and in the aiding of Journies...the list could go on.

When a Crystal comes to me - it does so because there was an instant attraction (not the blitzy, glitzy - need-to-own reasoning), the Spirit/s of the Crystal connected with the Spirit/s of my being...and a 'song' is felt.. That vibration is like a beating Heart - in some case a vibration, others a temperature - or change of space around... Each had a different signature...unique and very independent -no one crystal/stone was the same.

In my early - wild, and almost impossible then young life - the Clan Teachers (then under the GB unity and Europe) took great pains to advise - show and tell etc....and one area of that advise was to the order of the Spirits/Energies of Stones and Crystals...

Then it was considered that you accepted the tools of Nature as they came to you...there was a mutual respect.....and Trust..  They came into your life not only for a reason - but with sound purpose....and the only times any was to be 'cleaned' was when they were dirty, muddy, dusty etc...  Few were ever polished unless by natural means through a journey in a river...or by the rolling of the Sea pulse.

As the availability and the extension of minerals increased so did the new discoveries as well as rare and limited then unknown varieties...  Modern Society in the exchange for such Curios and 'magickal' prizes...also deemed it a necessity to follow 'Guidelines' and in the eyes of the Old, Wise and all too often forgotten - many, such advice sabotaged the delicate balance between such treasures and the Practitioners...

Manuscripts and unpublished text on the subject often refer to that time in olden , almost undecipherable script, and even other culture words, how Crystals were the cherished possessions of those well advanced upon the Path and who often than not kept them from the eyes of the so-called profane - but more-so they are a stepping-stone towards Self-knowledge..

They refer in odd snippets here and there of that mortal understanding, and yet at the same time a deep awareness that the Astral counterpart of any Crystal is still charged with impressions of all kinds of 'influences' that have accumulated within IT since its material substance was first formed.

It is because of its attracting such subtle influences, that many Practitioners wished to make use of IT as a medium for bringing them to their own consciousness.

However - it is at this point of Unity that many then succumbed to (often under the influence of a doctrine that played a wary tune at the back of the mind) the need to first demagnetize IT, so as to 'banish' all trace of the Past influences which IT still contained.

(That action is very much like obtaining a computer from the factory all set up and ready to go - unpacking it and running a very strong magnet over the system to wipe it clean of all that it was programmed to do!)

Indeed, there were those who held that Precious stones, (in common with all created things), were corrupted by the sin of Adam. Therefore, in order to restore their pristine virtue it might become necessary to sanctify and consecrate them, and a kind of Ritual serving this purpose has been preserved in several old 11/12th century Treatises.

One such example is that of :>
"The stones which required consecration were to be wrapped in a perfectly clean linen cloth and placed on the Altar. Then three masses were to be said over them, and the priest who celebrated the third mass, clad in his sacred vestments, was to pronounce the following benediction:..."
All in all the Ritual is a rather long, tedious, and very 'Church' dictation....

Certainly the many renegates of the Church had little interest in 'consecrating' their unique tools to a single ideal...

Another document makes mention of the fact that such Precious Stones should then be "consecrated with perpetual consecration"......that is to say that One constantly reinforces the purpose, position and dedication of surrounding influences on a regular basis...great if the ownership of such items was limited to one or two...

However if like myself - the collection is so vast - such meticulous action would be much the same as the comment used in the opening statement of this Post

 The idea of Consecration predated even those Doctrines of the Church and linked beliefs - Precious stones, in their native state, and even engraved gems, became a Thank-Offering to the Patron-Deity of its possessor - all were consecrated.  The custom was to consecrate or "charge" them, (as the now modern term is), for which purpose set forms were used.

The format of Consecration varied from Tradition to Tradition - the use of Olive Oil; placing them in the hands of a New Born; Holy Water from a specific Well/Stream/Church...shaping the hands, creating a 'film' of dispersment, by forming one shape, then creating a 'film' of intent by forming another burning Temple Incense; placing them under the influence of a Planet or Star......laying them on some created magickal Art form, Diagram and/or design......and so forth.

To 'Consecrate' is vastly different to that of "Cleansing"....

Every time you take a Crystal , and 'process it through a 'cleansing' you are in effect creating a blank talisman, or a thing without Life - empty - void of any resonation...other than what you choose to initiate back into it... If that very first step has been successfully accomplished, the Crystal will now give an impression of perfect ’cleanliness’........and like a blank sheet - all is left to do is to charge it with your own magnetism, thus "consecrating" it to the Work/Purpose/Task you wish to accomplish.

When you take an item and 'Consecrate' it WITHOUT the CLEANSING it is the more powerful because it is 'consecrated' by Tradition....and I give to the word "consecrated " in its magickal sense, because thousands of people have believed in it, and an item with such faith in it, is considerably intensified, and they are of the greatest value only if the Practitioner has faith in them..

To 'Consecrate' is to make or declare something sacred; to dedicate it formally to a religious or Divine dedicate to a Higher purpose - even as a mode of Healing or Protection...

Once done - it remains in that sacred format forever - held in a magickal order by the Practitioner's dedicated Faith, and is unmovable...

You can then enhance the powers of the Precious spritzing them with Sandalwood Hydrosol; or with charged Rainwater........and you can neutralize levels of unwanted activity, or influences  by placing Selenite amongst them....


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