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May I ask how often you need to cleanse gemstones you wear and work intensly ?? I cleans them twice a day in the morning and in the evening :) Don't want to overdo it. 

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Yes I feel sun and moon tome is good... Doesn't that sound silly? Lol

Yup, nice actual same way of seeyig it

I keep my crystals in a bag full of lavender flowers, which I like to think preserves their purity... I only cleanse them when I feel they need it, in which case I will have a ritual bath with them, or for ones sensitive to water, place them near a fire and let them sit on my windowsill overnight. 

Nice :) don't have a fireplace ;/

I generally only cleanse mine when I first get them, or if they feel like they need it. 

I'm lazy with mine. I run reiki thru it constantly so it never needs charged or cleansing. There are 1 million ways to think about it, but it depends on the castor, you should do what you think.

Like Verdandi, I cleanse mine when I first them them and when I feel drawn to when they need it. I do mine with moonlight and sunlight, and with Beltane water that I collected.

realistically if we took time to clean and purify our crystals, tools and spaces every day morning and night we would have bugger all time in the day to do much else.
Cleanse and then keep away from light and other people and they will serve you well.

Crystals are empty after being cleaned, and need to be recharged for at least a day, such as in the sunshine. After that, you can program them however you like by holding them and getting a feel of them, while making it clear what you are asking them to help you with. You can then use them for that purpose whenever you like.

This process should be repeated before use on a new person, or after being reguarly used for a week or so.

As you're wearing them, they'll be getting mild constant use, so maybe clean and charge them every week or so.

So, there's three stages;

1)To clean crystals, there's various methods. The main ones I know are to leave the crystals in salt water overnight, being careful not to touch the water; to run the crystals in clean running water, such as in a stream or river; and burning herbs or insense.

2)The crystals then need charging, or they remain void of any energy. You can bury the crystal in frsh healthy soil overnight; leave in direct sunlight for at least a day; and leave in direct moonlight for at least one night.

3)Program the crystals by meditating lightly while holding them for around three to five minutes, getting a feel for them and politely asking them to help you and specify how you want them to help you.

Hope this helps ^_^


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