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I am kind of a freak for quartz. What do you like?

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Its hard to beat its wonderful sunny glow.
20????? WOW, Hope it gets warmerrrrrrr, sorry for the shiver.
I have always loved Hematite.
Do you like it in the rough or polished
I just made my first amber necklace ever last week.
It's hard for me to pick a favorite, I have sooo many and love them all. But if I had to pick one right now, I guess it would be the Herkimer Quartz Diamond.
I love gems of all kinds..... mainly I like what they do for me, so It changes a lot.
I like the polished hematite. And I also like amethyst.
Even though it is just fossilized corral, I love Petosky..Mostly because I have spend hours and hours fishing it out of Lake Huron. It has a very unique design and I feel very privileged to have found something that is millions of years old. :)..

Lady A~~

These aren't mine..Just pulled a pic off the net..Mine need to be polished, although you can still see most of the detail when dry, they look better polished. It reminds me of snake skin sort of..I love it :)..

Lady A~~
Very cool.....Thank you for the pic.

These are a few of mine..They aren't really sparkly but still really neat looking. I have a whole fish bowl full of them..I'm such a nerd, most people go swimming and I go looking for rocks..:P..

Lady A~~


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