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Fall will be here shortly, with Mabon and Samhain just around the corner and the new crop of witch-y shows are starting up.

With shades of Riverdale and American Horror Story is "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina".  Yes, the teenage witch.  In this case, a Satan worshipping one.

On Netflix at the end of October.  Sorry, I don't know how to post the trailer: 

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The baptism was to mark her reaching womanhood and it was definitely laced with Voodoo. Some of the claims do sound incredulous, but whom am I to judge, I wasn't there.

One of the odd things about Satanism, or Satanic themes, is how often it comes across as ambiguous at best, or vague, at the very least, and how many aspects of it are often taken out of context, by mixing some truth with alot of fiction.

Not much is clearly understood about the evolution of "Satanism" from it's earliest beginnings. Much open to superstition, speculation and intrigue, if not mere morbid curiosity. You can most assuredly expect this out of a TV series.

I think it is much easier to sell that to any general audience, assuming it is a sophisticated informed audience, which is not necessarily the case. Whether they be totally ignorant of Satanic power rooted as a cosmic phenomena, or current, if you will, which is the case with the majority of viewers, or sometimes even the seasoned Satanic enthusiast who tends to indulge in the genre for whatever their motives might be.

What I'm getting here is that because the theme of the Satanic Temple is being openly displayed, the underlying message is that the idea of "god" or Satan as a deity, is only confined to an aspect of nature, rather than a sentient being as the other way around. Actually, nature and the sentient may be one and the same thing. I think it is difficult to separate the two.

Occult powers simply jump out of the stratosphere. That is to assume , other than power, which it obviously has, nature has it's own conscious ability to direct and control, which it does not. In order for nature to respond to a magical act of will, nature would need to be under the direction of a conscious being, which it could very well be. Earth and planetary nature are simply a force that randomly constructs, an extension of evolution, often misunderstood by it's own worshippers as something inherently benevolent, which it is not.

The lawsuit by the Satanists against Netflix was settled out of court. 


Just an additional comment

Religious organization it is not.

Satanic organization is the correct view of it.


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