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So I've read somewhere that there is a 6th element, Void or Space which is represented in the pentacle by the 5 spaces. I'm curious if any of you also recognise this as an element or is it simply people making stuff up online. 

Love and Blessings.

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Various traditions recognize the void.

Many ancient deities were called from the void by the human mind.

Thoughtforms come from the void and dissolve back into the void.

The void is a fantastic place were your imagination can run wild.

I like the analogy of the space within the pentacle representing the void.

There are 4 elements, earth, fire water and air. The other element is Aether, the divine fifth element, which controls the others.

The void appears in many mythologies, in Judaism, Druidry, and Norse paganism, this is where life began in the beginning when the world is created. The pentacle is usually drawn within a circle, which could represent nothing, zero, so the void analogy Enigma likes makes sense. 

Many Traditions, and documents see the FIFTH Element as that of Space/Void....

There is some dialogue that views the center (Pentagon) of the Pentagram as that of a formative Element associated to >>"'Love/Will', which controls from within, ruling matter, and Spirit by Will, and the controlled magickal direction of Sexual Energies".

In some Manuscripts - it is stated that the Pentagon (the seat of the Radical Intelligence) is used to compel the Spirit to enter into it:then, having obtained of the Spirit that which you desire, it is released - given authority to depart...

The most common thing to use is a single band of energy that acts as the division between this
world from the plane of Ritual/works. The technical aspect of how this is achieved, is in similar fashion to the study of Geburah.

Where the 'All' had to pull back from itself, and divide a space where it was not, in order to create actively, and shows creation as it exists in the Elemental world.

The Pentangle (Shape) as a whole is referred to that of the Fifth (Five side Pentagon) Sephirah, Geburah who is a Sephiroth of the lower Triangles of Manifestation; the Black Moon; Strength and the emotion of Severity - signifying “Rigor, Justice” well as Principle of Infinite Justice!

As a domain of Geburah - the platform (center space) Power of Might, it is also a symbol of creative power and force - and has the given name of 'Pachad' Terror and Fear..

Its planetary attribution is Mars (as Mars ruleth Fire in Geburah), its quality being that destructive force which demolishes all forms and ideas when their term of usefulness and healthy life is done. (This reinforces the above understanding that the 6th Element - the platform - surround by the Five Elements of Fire, Air, Water, Earth, and Spirit (Void) /Self)

As a Tool Geburah becomes the 'Phoenix' Wand...the extremity allotted to Fire, is of the scarlet colour of Geburah, and in it, the Sulphureous nature is chief, whence its powers of heat and burning..

The other Tool is the 'Magical' Sword, which is for strength and defense.

The Herbs, Stone and Metal of the Pentagon (6th Element) - Platform (as considered with Geburah) would be Tobacco (based on the Fire), Onyx and Iron/Hematite.

It symbolises not so much a fixed state of things, as an act, a further passage and transition of potentiality into actuality.

'Light' aka Lise

I think once you get to the fifth, or sixth, for example, (spirit / void ) you are departing from the realm of "elementals", and entering other dimensions. I can see logic in categorizing the first four in to elementals, but once you get past the fourth, it goes rather beyond elementals and becomes more dimensional.

I do believe the "void" can be considered "dimensional", just as spirit, if the two are not one and the same.  

Thank you all for the insight.

Spirit is generally accepted as the 5th element because it relates to yourself, your soul, yes? I wouldn't call it another dimension in that sense, but things like astral projection could be seen as such.

Love and Blessings.

The elements are physical in nature. Example, you have earth, air fire and water. So you use those physical powers of nature to add power and inertia to your workings.

This in astrology comparable to physics is one of those rare occurrences when the two worlds collide, and there may be some compatability between "astrological elementals", and physical elements.

Where the physical and the spiritual/ethereal part company, is with spirit and void, which actually may be compatible. This also attaches to the "soul"

Keep this in mind, that " "VOID" is not the realm of benevolence. It is the realm of the "Dark Forces", however you interpret that to be. In the void, it is all about darkness, not light. "Lightbearer" gives light. To one degree or another it is essential, it is an aspect of the primeval force of electromagnetism, at least in the short haul. It is not important to any other beings but humans. But here we are, humans who aspire to tap into magical forces.

Even if you want to delve into astrophysics, you will find that void to be of unfathomable Darkness. The 'anti gravity". The antithesis of order, otherwise known as chaos. What most people are not aware that gravity is the force above all other forces that sustains life, and order, for that matter, in the known universe. Life could itself be considered to be benevolent, but by free choice or free will alone. All of the other elements mean nothing without gravity, as far as sustenance of life itself as we know it.

Naturally, in magical workings you are not dealing with three dimensions anymore. You dabble into the fourth, and beyond, while you use the elementals as inertia, with the vehicle known as consciousness, via subconsciousness.

That is just my understanding of it.

5th element is considered aether or void. It's also linked to divine breathe, the heavens, an air the gods breathe. Sometimes in fiction it is considered the opposite of nether or the unholy. The aether is also called the element of spirit, or akasha. It's consider the substance of reality and makes everything including the other elements.

I think "void" is same as primordial chaos, the origins and base of all.

We've been discussing the pentacle in relation to Wicca and witchcraft, but there are variations of the pentacle within other traditions. Here are two examples.

“The pentagram signifies the five properties of the Great Magical Agent, the five senses of humans, the five elements of nature, the five extremities of the human body. By means of the pentagram within their own soul, humans not only may master and govern all creatures inferior to themselves, but may demand consideration at the hands of those superior to themselves.” -Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

There is also the “spiral pentagram”, used by some in chaos magic, or by those wishing to explore. It seems more organic than the straight lines of the classical pentagram, like the face of a flower. Through visualization techniques, you can have the outer petals spin in one direction and the inner petals spin in the opposite direction. This will create a three-dimensional tunnel which can act as a portal for the invocation of entities from the void. If you practice this visualization, soon you will have this astral doorway appearing in your dreams.


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