Meet one of my sweet little angels/fin babies. I have a 37 gallon freshwater tropical hybrid palludarium with 2 angels (Grendel and Goober), 6 zebra danios (no names---I can't tell them apart LoL), 2 black mollies (both females--named Lucy and Ethel--they are technically my boyfriend's), and an algea eater named Booger. I also have several live plants and two different species of driftwood in my tank.  I've been a fish nerd since I was a VERY young child. I love cats and dogs and reptiles and birds too, but fish are my passion---it's like having a garden. 

So what pets do you have? Post pics, video, and stories about your critters!


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Can someone please show me how you add an image not as an attachment.

I too am having problems posting images within the forums, or I would have posted a photo of my cat here. I can post photos on my page ok. Maybe it's the size of the images?

Your cats do not look fat in those photos. I expected little mini brandy barrels from your description.

Are ya kidding me! Esmeralda is a complete porker; Whisper takes up the same amount of space as all of the other three combined!

Nice collection of feline and canine friends there, they all look well happy and contented and well cared for;).

Yea; they are all super friendly and nice to each other too.

My little girl Molly, a Black n Tan Jack Russell.

Molls a rescue dog from a not nice home , but 2 years on she is thriving and happy with us.

After the unexpected death of our second Dobermann, we were a family in need of a dog and Molly was a dog in need of a family:)

I currently have no pictures of our two long-haired Chihuahuas, but they are both female, born of the same parents, but separate pregnancies.  The tan-colored one is Cupcake, and the mostly-black one is Shadow.  They are both under five years old still, and they're absolutely adorable.  Their personalities are HUGE. *g*


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